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I live in NJ and watch Philadelphia stations on cable ( don't ask! ) - I see commercials for Sonic ( fast food - burger type place )
Is it worth my effort to drive 2 hours or so to my nearest one to eat??

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  1. oh, heck no. I love sonic, but unless you have sentimental reasons, it's not worth it for sure. If you're in town, try it out.

    1. My family lives outside of Philly and we see and salivate at the commercials all the time. For a Christmas present, I got my brother and his fiance a gift card to Sonic along with a travel guide of places to stop and things to do on the way to the nearest Sonic (about 1 hour away). That way, it's more of a day trip than just going to eat and driving back.

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        great idea about making it a day trip! Which Sonic did you send them to?
        I found one near Lancaster.

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            cool - may I ask where you found a guide for the area?
            Think I will plan a little road trip for Presidents Weekend!

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              Hi sorry, I had class all day. I didn't actually find a guide for the area. I'm a tourism major so I used my research skills to find some tourism sites like visitpa.com and looked at the categories "philadelphia and it's countryside" and "dutch country roads" or something like that and just searched for things that they might like along the way. I picked things in the Reading area and around Adamstown as well as a local park full of trails to walk off the Sonic calories. Then I printed out directions and descriptions. I don't know if that's any help to you, but I'm sure you'll be able to plan something if you'd like!

      2. Found a Sonic in Bridgeville, DE anybody know of places to eat other than sonic maybe a good place for dinner? Or maybe things to do?

        1. I'm not sure it's worth driving two hours just to go to any fast food restaurant. On the other hand, a road trip which includes a stop at Sonic would be fun.

          I'm not really much of a fast food burger lover (except for Backyard Burgers!) but I really like Sonic's grilled chicken wrap, tater tots, onion rings, and fruit smoothies. Their malts and shakes are better than Dairy Queen around here but since they've been offering their fruit smoothies, I've been going for those instead of the ice cream concoctions.

          Because it's a comfort food from my childhood, I sometimes have to have a corn dog at Sonic. I can feel my arteries clog as I eat it but it's soooo good! :)

          1. I think they've got the best breakfast sandwiches of any fast food place, except the chick-fil-a chiken biscuit. Good onion rings too.

            1. I heartily agree on the road/sonic trip. It's just not worth it to go just for Sonic.

              I love the coney's and chili cheese tots. The banana cream pie "Milk shakes" are awesome too.

              Wish we had 'em here in Canada.


              1. I live in the San Francisco area and I too wondered about Sonic because I saw the commercials. I found one between here and Yosemite (we go to visit family) and I stopped there for the first time a few months ago.

                For fast food, they have so really great ideas. You can check their website for a menu. Their sodas are fun, as are their milkshakes. The burger I had was just alright, but the tater tots that come with it were really good. It made me feel like I was in elementary school again. They're really crispy and salted just right.

                I agree, make a trip out of it. Not worth it to drive out just for that.

                1. You can also find the nearest location from their website:


                  1. The food at Sonic is so-so, but the drinks are fabulous. You can get sodas with all kinds of fresh fruit, limeaids, fresh fruit slushes, fruit smoothies, floats, shakes, etc. I'm partial to Diet Coke with strawberries myself.

                    1. Sonic came to Des Moines around 3 years ago, give or take, I ate there once. Don't remember what I had. At least 3 of them have closed in the last couple of months. The others probably won't be far behind.

                      1. We lost our Sonic when we moved to Portland 2 years ago. They finally opened one in the suburbs and we were very disheartened to find the cherry limeade tasted like very syrup-y. I thought they mixed them by hand but it tasted like a pre-mixed syrup.

                        That said, it's not worth the 2 hour drive. If you happen to be near one, sure stop by for a drink - pineapple shakes are my favorite.

                        1. Nothing close to DC either, so I've only had Sonic in New Mexico, I think. The Cherry Limeade is to die for!

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                            Sonic doesnt' do very well in cold climates - big in the South (even MO & KS). I gre up in cheddar peppers and limeades. Great fun for ice cream in the summer

                            Closest one to Chicago iS Champaign, I think. Culvers is popular here - not my fave unless I get cheese curds.

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                              just curious. why do you think sonic doesn't do well in colder climes? is it because they come out and deliver the food to you? we occaisionally see a sonic comercial here in the new england area and i have to admit they look enticing. of course red lobster commercials looked good too till they opened up here and then . . . well you know.

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                                boppiecat - yes, the carhops are outside 90% of the time. The people have their cars runnin, sitting with the heat on, not as much appeal. Plus, lots of the "treats" are regional offerings - my New England relatives may prefer a lobster roll over the Sonic chicken finger basket or cheddar peppers. DISCLAIMER - I know this isnt everyone! :)

                                It IS interesting why Sonic has so many commericials in these areas, yet not any stores...

                          2. Sonic has really good slushes. I used to stop by Sonic for a slush just about every day when I lived in Texas. Try the grape, cherry and lemon-strawberry. Delicious!

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                              I agree about the slushes.....my new favorites are the Apple and Cranberry Juice slush.
                              Try a Cream Slush for something really decadent....the orange tastes just like a Creamsicle.....YUM on a very Hot day!
                              Sonic has great onion rings too!

                            2. Does anyone know if they serve breakfast all day? I saw an ad for their breakfast burrito and it looked good. The closest Sonic is pretty far from me...about 45 minutes. Anyway, I think it's funny how they advertise so much with very few locations in people's immediate area.

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                                Pretty sure they do serve breakfast all day. In fact, I think they serve everything all the time that they are open. I love Sonic, but I wouldn't drive more than 10 minutes out of my way to eat at one and I wouldn't get in the car to make a special trip for it either

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                                  I live in Austin, Texas and there are a bazillion sonics in town, its not bad for a chain and there is something fun about driving up and ordering through little loudspeaker and having the gal walk out with the food to your car window. In terms of what to order, here is my humble opinion of the perfect (albeit unhealthy) meal at sonic:

                                  1 Cherry Lime Slush
                                  1 Double Meat Double Cheese JalapeƱo burger
                                  1 Order of tater tots (w/Chili and cheese)


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                                  They definitely serve the entire menu all day. I'd highly reccommend a breakfast toaster sandwich, any time of day. The other toaster sandwiches are pretty darn good too.

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                                    I've had their breakfast burrito and didn't find it at all good. Very disappointed.


                                  2. Sonic's ad agency deserves a lot of credit. I don't think there are any Sonics near me here in L.A., but I see the ads during national sports broadcasts and my goodness, they make me crave a slush or fruit drink or shake...

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                                      They do indeed do a lovely job with the drinks. I love being able to get the "add ins" with my coke.

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                                        There's exactly one Sonic in the Greater L.A. area, and it's on Lemon St. about a hundred feet north of the 91 freeway, in Anaheim. I pass it every day on my way to the train station. I've never been, but I'll get there -- it was always a Bakersfield thing to me (there are several in BFL).

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                                          There's a Sonic in Glendale; on Brand (maybe) east of Los Feliz. I've driven past it several times, though never eaten there. One day...

                                          1. re: Muskrat

                                            i've searched on the site and this location didn't pop up. Are you sure it's a sonics? I am craving those cream slush, please do not give me false hopes that there is actually one near me! LOL.

                                      2. Sonic is the ultimate fast food joint for pregnant women. I had to drive past one when I was expecting, and I'd occasionally have to break down and get mozzarella sticks (with horrible packaged ketchup-y marinara) and a coconut cream pie shake.

                                        That said, their grilled cheese on soft Texas toast is awesome, as are their corndogs, popcorn chicken and tater tots w/fries. Grilled chicken wraps not too bad either, but I'd stick to the unhealthy stuff. Very cheap too!

                                        1. I love their banana shake. Chunks of real banana in it.
                                          I could live without their fries and I wasn't impressed with their grilled chicken wrap.
                                          Their burgers are pretty good around here though. Better than McD's, for sure.

                                          1. I am not sure if there are any around where I live now, but as a highschooler in Southern, IN I loved Sonic. There was one located right next to a tanning salon I worked at as a teen so the fellow bed attendants and I often ate there for dinner when working the closing shift. We almost ALWAYS made a Sonic run during their "happy hour" when you get HUGE drinks for half price. I liked the diet cherry limeade as well as the lemon strawberry slush the best. Makes me laugh now to think about how I considered a lemon slush, regular order of onion rings, and 2 peppermints an accecptable nourishing dinner.

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                                              I really like the onion rings and a DIET strawberry limeade. ha

                                            2. Sonic is one of the tastier fast food chains. Having grown up and lived in TX all my life, it's always been available. But, I wouldn't go out of your way to get to one.

                                              The drinks are excellent. I love a Cherry Vanilla Coke or a Cherry Limeade. I often stop by while out and about just for a drink.

                                              As far as food, the burgers are tasty (tuesdays is 2 for 1 night), tots are great (way better than the fries), chili cheese coney is good, and i love the cheddar peppers. The chic tenders are also pretty good.

                                              I haven't yet tried the breakfast, but I would stick to the sandwiches. The toasters are always good. (And yes it is served all day.)

                                              If you're lucky, some of the carhops at some locations still roller skate. Some of the ones at the South Lamar location here in Austin skate. Always a nice nostalgic touch.

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                                                I skated in grad school. The BEST Sonics are the ones with volleyball courts.

                                              2. They do well here in Columbia, SC at their downtown location since it's the only 24-hour food option right by the university. The drive-thru line is nearly out to the street at 3 in the morning. Plus, they serve the entire menu 24-hours a day. They don't do the carhops there late at night, just the drive-thru. The food is mediocre to me but I would put it about on par with Wendy's... Since it rarely gets below freezing here I can see why the slushies and shakes are more successful in a warmer climate.

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                                                  24 hour sonic? Wow. I'm glad that wasn't around when I was in college. Yowza.

                                                2. I had a sonic burger the other week in Maryland. First time. I will never ever get one again. Lukewarm, tasteless, served on a limp bun with limp lettuce. It actually made me long for McDonalds.

                                                  1. Hmm, so booking an upcoming trip, I noticed that near my motel in Savannah (airport Days Inn) there is a Sonic. And based on this thread I was excited about the limeade. Love limeade. Cherry limeade? Sounds awesome! And I know how excited my DH will be that he gets to eat fast food near our motel instead of going on a chow-hunt for some obscure joint...

                                                    But looking at some other threads, some people say that at some locations the "limeade" is SPRITE with a piece of lime in it. I hate Sprite! But, maybe, if I get the SLUSH it is actual juice? Is there hope for this limeade?

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                                                      Sonic has "add-ins" for their drinks, so you can get Sprite (or Coke, or Diet Coke) with fresh lime in it....but the limeade is a totally different thing. And, if you like limeade, its pretty good.

                                                      1. re: ccbweb

                                                        having worked there I distinctly remember limeade being sprite based. Personally I go for a strawberry limeade. Lots of real (straw accessible) chunks of strawberry.