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Feb 7, 2007 06:53 AM


I live in NJ and watch Philadelphia stations on cable ( don't ask! ) - I see commercials for Sonic ( fast food - burger type place )
Is it worth my effort to drive 2 hours or so to my nearest one to eat??

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  1. oh, heck no. I love sonic, but unless you have sentimental reasons, it's not worth it for sure. If you're in town, try it out.

    1. My family lives outside of Philly and we see and salivate at the commercials all the time. For a Christmas present, I got my brother and his fiance a gift card to Sonic along with a travel guide of places to stop and things to do on the way to the nearest Sonic (about 1 hour away). That way, it's more of a day trip than just going to eat and driving back.

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        great idea about making it a day trip! Which Sonic did you send them to?
        I found one near Lancaster.

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            cool - may I ask where you found a guide for the area?
            Think I will plan a little road trip for Presidents Weekend!

            1. re: tuxedo

              Hi sorry, I had class all day. I didn't actually find a guide for the area. I'm a tourism major so I used my research skills to find some tourism sites like and looked at the categories "philadelphia and it's countryside" and "dutch country roads" or something like that and just searched for things that they might like along the way. I picked things in the Reading area and around Adamstown as well as a local park full of trails to walk off the Sonic calories. Then I printed out directions and descriptions. I don't know if that's any help to you, but I'm sure you'll be able to plan something if you'd like!

      2. Found a Sonic in Bridgeville, DE anybody know of places to eat other than sonic maybe a good place for dinner? Or maybe things to do?

        1. I'm not sure it's worth driving two hours just to go to any fast food restaurant. On the other hand, a road trip which includes a stop at Sonic would be fun.

          I'm not really much of a fast food burger lover (except for Backyard Burgers!) but I really like Sonic's grilled chicken wrap, tater tots, onion rings, and fruit smoothies. Their malts and shakes are better than Dairy Queen around here but since they've been offering their fruit smoothies, I've been going for those instead of the ice cream concoctions.

          Because it's a comfort food from my childhood, I sometimes have to have a corn dog at Sonic. I can feel my arteries clog as I eat it but it's soooo good! :)

          1. I think they've got the best breakfast sandwiches of any fast food place, except the chick-fil-a chiken biscuit. Good onion rings too.