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Coffee Milk

I am craving a coffee milk I used to get in New England...It is the state drink of Rhode Island!!...Is coffee syrup (either Autocrat or Eclipse) available anywhere in SoCal so I can introduce my family to this treat?

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  1. Lots of old threads on where to find this stuff, including:


    Hope you find it.

    1. For a quick fix, if you're near Silver Lake, Silver Lake Cheese Shop is owned by a Rhode Islander and he stocks Autocrat Syrup in both Coffee and Strawberry (in addition to great cheeses).

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        He definitely stocks Autocrat syrup as well as other regional food items.

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          Including the mix for Del's lemonade!

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            I would just go with a word of warning: It'll cost ya. I was in the throes of coffee milk withdrawal when I went there and paid $11 for a pint of the Syrup. When I was home for the holidays I think a quart went for $4. Unfortunately I left that quart at home and my mother doesn't think I need it and won't send it to me.

            Take care,

            - P.

        2. In Japan, canned coffee milk is a staple -cold for summer season and hot for winter. Try this. Any Asian market will have in both cans as well as in large plastic bottles. You can also get in powder form made by Nestcafe (Instant coffee, sugar and a coffeemate powder). Pour powdered form into hot milk rather than water. Maybe this isn't the syrup you're looking for but, may satisfy the irge. :)KQ

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            ...or you could also find various coffee milks in the same boxes as Korean soy milk is imported.

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              This is coffee milk: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coffee_milk

              I hadn't seen it in syrup form in Korea, where it comes pre-mixed like chocolate or strawberry milk. The canned milk coffees popular in Japan and Korea taste slightly different, but they should be similar enough.

            2. Oh, thanks- gee, wilkipedia has everything! Sounds a little like Thai ice coffee -- sweet!

              1. I think we need to distinguish between:
                "milk coffee", which is what is sold in cans (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese...) and cartons all over Japan (and the cans hot and cold in vending machines)and which is mostly coffee, with milk added, (and is called that, or something sounding close to it, in Japanese, along with "miriku ti") and

                "coffee milk", which is coffee-flavored milk, (i.e., mostly milk, with coffee flavoring, and not much water) added, like chocolate milk.

                1. have you tried silk coffee flavored soymilk? ive never tried real new england coffee milk, but id like to hear from someone whos tried both... how do they compare

                  1. My sister will be coming out from Rhode Island to visit this "fawmuh Rho Dyelindah" the last week of May. If anyone is craving the liquid bliss that is cawfee milk syrup, then perhaps she could bring a bottle out for you. In return, you could maybe treat her to an In n Out burger or something...

                    1. Autocrat has a website you can order their coffee syrup and Eclipse. Its sold by the case but I think you can handle a few extra bottles for friends and family.

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                        The best coffee milk I've tried is made by a Korean brand called Seoul Milk, which you can easily find in Korean markets. They either come in little cartons or see-through triangle plastic containers.

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                          Is this a syrup or an actual milk product?


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                            It's actual milk.

                            They come in clear triangular pouches or the opaque boxes that look pretty much like the ones used for Korean soymilk.