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Feb 7, 2007 06:27 AM

Mandina's Opens Today

The original Mandina's, that is.

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  1. what! where did you read that???

    1. They are open, and packed...not surpisingly it was as good as ever. The turtle soup could have been better, but the shrimp were much bigger and better in the remoulade and the stuffed better was great as usual.

      The place looks great, and it is a much better layout. The waiters were mostly new, but they were very nice and well-trained.

      You might try a very late lunch or early dinner the next few days becasue wait times will be ridiculous.

      Now, we just need Venezia's to reopen.......

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      1. re: bbares81

        You can go to the Venezia's II on Central Ave in old Jefferson. Same old food.

        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          I know...the food is the same, but its like putting Brocato's on Veterans and saying its the same.

          Too many great nights in high school at Venezia's in Mid City.

      2. The Veal Parm. we ordered at Mandina's was the best I've ever eaten. I'd give the turtle soup and banana's foster pretty high marks, as well.
        I'm glad they're back. No doubt they'll do well.

        1. That is great news! Their turtle soup is my favotie. My husband and I last ate there the June before Katrina and we always talk about how we sat and ate dinner and watched (who we assumed were) a few of the male family members re-finishing the wood on the bar in the front room. They were so excited and were sanding away! It was almost eerie thinking about that night after we had seen photos of the building underwater, knowing all that hard work was ruined. We were just out in N.O. for vacation in December and now we have to come back soon for some Mandina's!