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Feb 7, 2007 06:23 AM

Any good restaurants in the Jackson, NJ area?

Was wondering if anyone knows of a good restaurant in the Jackson, NJ area. I know the choices are pretty lean, looking for a good place to eat between Point Pleasant and the Trenton area, and the Jackson area seems to be a pretty good halfway point. We're both pretty flexible and love trying new places and new foods. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!

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  1. Its been a very long time since I last ate there, but Casanova Ristorante in Romeo Plaza (sorry, don't recall the address) was a pretty good Italian restaurant ... sort of upscale/casual. Another Italian restaurant that seems to be hugely popular in Jackson is Solo Bella, but I found it mediocre. If you want Mexican, there is Juanitos 2 on Rt. 9 South in Howell, but I find this location to be quite inferior to the original in Red Bank. A better Mexican option would be El Meson in downtown Freehold Borough.

    1. Fritzy's, a German restaurant, located in Howell, has always served delicious food in humoungous portions. However, there was recently a change of ownership, and we haven't been there since that took place.

      In Freehold Borough, I agree with jsfein that El Meson is excellent.

      Aangan, on Route 9 North, in Freehold (not in the Borough), serves pretty good Indian cuisine.

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        I don't know how changing ownership can change the food when the same employees are there?? cooks, waiters... I have found both sets of owners to be very friendly and maybe you should try to go back again with an open mind..

      2. In Allentown (main st), just off route 195, La Piazza is solid for either pizza or Italian dining.

        1. i was shopping at the jackson premium outlets on thursday and as dinner time approached, i decided that i didnt want food court fast food. one of the salesclerks recommened tommys inn at millstone. being told that it was a bar-restaurant i was prepared for mediocre food,but to my surprise,it turned out to be excellent- one of the best meals i ever had.

          its on monmouth road west of interstate 195. it has an amish horse and buggy in front as a landmark,and looks like a log cabin. theres the bar in the front when you walk in, and a small dining room to the left. there is a larger one on the other side of the building. they have bands such as yasgurs farm perform,karioke night and other events.

          i had seafood ravioli stuffed with lobster and shrimp and it was delicious. my friend had seafood cannaloni which was also excellent. since these were complete dinners,they came with soup,salad and either coffee or tea.

          the address is 560 monmouth road millstone nj
          ph # 732-928-6600

          1. Thanks everyone for the great suggestions. As it turns out, we wound up going a totally different route and went to a Japanese restaurant called Oyako Tsos. They have a hibachi area, but we stuck with the sushi. Worked out well, everything was great. I'm often in the Jackson area, shopping at the outlets and such, and I will absolutely try Tommys Inn. We need a good restaurant out that way, it's one of the reasons I often avoid those outlets--they're great except if you're there long enough to warrant a meal afterwards.

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              liljax80 I have lived in jackson my entire life and I can say without a doubt Tommy's Inn is not now and never has been a good restaurant to dine at. The food is horrible and is way over priced. Solo Bella is another so called Italian Restaurant alot of jackson residents try and say is good but is also a sad excuse for an italian restaurant.

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                i agree. went once and have never been back. foood was cold and unappetizing.

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                  Totally agree Tommys has never had good food. And i have been there more than once because it is local.