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Feb 7, 2007 06:16 AM

Great romantic DC restaurants

I am going to take my boyfriend to dc for our anniversary and I would love some restaurant suggestions. We are going to stay overnight in a hotel by the Verizon center, so would need to be able to walk there. Other than a restaurant any suggestion on things we could do earlier in the day or evening??


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  1. Maybe Zengo for a hip spot? I've never been huge on their food. Possibly Indibleu for a posh spot.

    1. Does romantic mean not overly noisy? If so, you might consider Tosca at11th and F Streets. Just a short walk from hotels like the Monaco...

      1. When are you coming to town? My answer for other things to do depends on the time of year.

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          It will be first weekend in April. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the help!

        2. Zengo is very busy, very noisy It's not romantic. My GF and I both think Restaurant 701 is very romantic. Very good food, quiet, a live piano player. We both like it a lot. Someone else's suggestion of Tosca is also a nice idea. Indebleu is also worth consideration.

          1. First, don't confine yourself to walking distance, it is easy to get around DC on the METRO and by cab. DC is not that big. For romantic, go to Dupont Circle and walk to the Tabard Inn. Have a drink in the lounge by the fireplace and then have dinner.

            It depends on what yo think of as romantic. The suggestion of 701 is a good one as is Tosca. You could also try Oya. If you are looking for old worldly, formal, and expensive, but quiet and posh think about Le Paradou, Taberna del Alabardero, or Marcel's.

            I'd also suggest Dino in Cleveland Park (ok guys don't accuse me of pimping for Dean) expecially if you let Dean know it is a special occasion when you make the reservation. Ask for a table in the window and get a special bottle of wine.

            If you like sushi, go to Sushi-Ko and get the Tuna 8 ways and some champagne.

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              Totally agree with dinwiddie on the metro/cab business. it would be silly to miss out on so much. I also agree on stopping at the Tabard Inn. You don't have to do dinner, but a drink in the lounge is very romantic (and if it is a cold early April day, you'll be lucky and they'll have the fire going).

              Everyone has a different idea of what constitutes a romantic place, but I'm a big fan of La Fourchette in Adams Morgan.

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                Tosca and Marcel's are wonderful romantic suggestions.