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Feb 7, 2007 05:35 AM

Bread Supplies

I have a recipe for pumpernickel bread which calls for vital wheat gluten and for caramel powder colour. Does anybody know where these supplies might be purchased?



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  1. Try calling Ares Kitchen & Baking Supplies:

    If they don't carry it they can probably tell you where to find it.


    1. Just occurred to me that you could also try Anatol Spices - they have an incredible variety of flavourings, colourings, etc.

      Anatol Spices - 6822 St. Laurent
      (514) 276-0107

      1. Bob's Red Mill makes vital wheat gluten. You can find their products in the natural foods section at most Provigo/Loblaws.

        1. Thanks to all. I found the "Red Mill" product at Papillon in Pointe Claire at $8.99 for 500g. They also have a bulk product called "gluten flour" at $3.99/lb which I was assured people use as a substitute. I shall try the cheap stuff - does anyone know if there is a real difference between the two products? The Red Mill is labeled at 70-80% protein but I could get no such info on the "gluten flour".

          Still need to follow up your suggestions regarding the caramel coloring.

          Thanks again.