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Feb 7, 2007 05:16 AM

Dinner with Vegetarian

Any suggestions? I love meat so I have no idea where to go. This is a quasi second date so trying to make it nice but not over the top.


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  1. ok, so does he/she like fake meat or not? that's kind of important in picking a spot. For a mix of both, I recommend gobo on 6th ave in the village. Nice ambiance.

    1. Red Bamboo is terrific. The fake chicken sate is fabulous.

      1. as a former vegetarian, Italian is always easy for mixed dietary groups, esp. lacto-ovo vegetarians who eat dairy & eggs. for vegans it might be harder but not impossible. Gusto in West Village has fried artichokes and focassia with apple and gorgonzola that i bet you'd love too plus a number of pastas (the gnocchi with mushrooms are wonderful). it's a sexy room too for a date ;-)

        if you want something vegan, Gobo is nearby on 6th Ave or Zen Palate has multiple locations (esp. if she eats/likes fake meat) but i'm partial to the Union Sq one. Angelica's in East Village is hard core veg but their cornbread with miso tahini spread is delicious. and the walnut lentil pate is great too - anyone would enjoy that. and the parfaits are still my favorite dessert. main courses a little 'crunchy' though

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          As a former vegetarian myself and current pescetarian I would also go with the Italian suggestion. I find that a lot of fake meat dishes like at Red Bamboo can be greasy and hard to digest which might not be the best thing for a second date!

        2. I just ate at Blossom (on 9th Ave bwtn 22 and 23) great vegan cuisine. The decor is nice too - not 'super crunchy granola' inside. They have a fire place and although I didn't have any, they serve wine ... you can check out their menu on

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          1. re: vanny

            I second Blossom for vegetarian. Everything I tried was delicious and ran about $30 per person with tip, although we didn't have wine or alcohol.

            What I liked was the warm atmosphere of the room because so many veg. restaurants still seem like they're in a 60s time warp - ditto the wait staff. I wish more vegie/vegan restaurants would add a bit more ambiance to their dining rooms.

          2. Not only Gusto, but Otto and Lupa work for meat-eaters and vegans, and therefore for vegetarians too.

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            1. re: Wilfrid

              For vegetarians/vegans, one has to be careful when dining in non-vegetarian restaurants. For example, the vegetables might be sauted in butter which vegans don't eat. A vegetable loaf might have chicken broth or eggs added for flavoring. It's usually no good to ask wait staff the 'incidental' ingredients as they're not sure and usually don't want to trek over and ask the chef.

              For casual vegetarians, I suppose Wilfrid's suggestions are fine. Just my two cents about added ingredients.

              1. re: Flynn1

                I never order soup in non-veg restaurants because of the stock issue. Same with dishes like risotto, which are made with stock, or refried beans (which are often made with lard).

                That said, vegetarians won't have problems with butter or eggs. Vegans, on the other hand, need to watch out.