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Feb 7, 2007 05:09 AM

Looking for a good, byo place somewhere in Northern Jersey. Need food worthy of opening a nicely cellared, perfectly aged wine!

We are looking for somewhere close to equi-distant for us from Chappaqua to meet a couple who live in Scotch Plains. Appreciate any and all suggestions.... We have a great wine collection at home and some of our older wines are getting ready to drink. We want to be able to share with our friends, who are also wine lovers.

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  1. Cafe Panache in Ramsey seems to fit your description.

    1. Chappaqua neighbor seconds the suggestion.

      1. How about the village green in Ridgewood (they've even got decanters for ya) or Cafe matisse in Rutherford?

        1. Village Green in Ridgewood is good, and so is La Tour in the same town (which I'm pretty sure is also BYO) - but I'd join the posters who recommend Cafe Panache in Ramsey.

          If you're opening an Amarone, you might also consider Fascino in Montclair.

          1. I second Cafe Panache. A really great experience.