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Feb 7, 2007 02:26 AM

What's your favorite food blog?

I'm a pretty new food blog reader and I haven't found any that really wow me. Ideally, I'd like to regularly read a blog that has recipes, info on new restaurants, trends, chefs, etc, and reports (with photos!) from recent culinary travels.

Thanks in advance for your recommendations.

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  1. The one i like the most is crash test kitchen -
    It's mostly recipes. They usually have a video accompanied by a blog post. Its a lot of fun.
    It's not as well rounded as you might like, but you could try to see if you like it.


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    1. re: meat_eater

      I've watched the Crast Test Kitchen video podcasts. They are amateurs (i.e. they have to make a roux but have no idea what is it and don't bother to do the research before filming) , but they do have moxie.

    2. I like Simply Recipes- the right side has links to other blogs and the left side has some really great tips and tools to use in the kitchen.

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        Even being a food blogger myself, I love Elise's site. Very comprehensive, very well done and very clear and intelligent posts. I love her consumer alerts and links to articles and food happenings.

        1. re: cooknKate

          I already had Elise's site bookmarked, but I will have to visit more often. I totally admire her photography also.

          I just visited and my mouth started watering at the picture of the Irish Soda Bread. Yum!


        2. re: kloomis

          I second this recommendation. I regularly consult Elise's blog for her cornucopia of recipes - meat, veggies, and desserts. Her instructions are straight forward and easy to follow. I also regularly turn to her archives for advice on cooking techniques. Even if I'm not going to use a particular recipe, I like to check to see how Elise recommends cooking a particular thing. For instance I successfully cooked a leg of lamb on a charcoal grill thanks to this post:

        3. I'm in Los Angeles, and by far the most useful blog for me is "The Great Taco Hunt," by Bandini. I have tried several of his recommendations, left feedback comments, and have passed on a couple of suggestions to him.

          For recipes, or more specifically for cooking techniques, I regularly go to the website for Melinda Lee, who hosts a weekend call-in cooking show on KNX 1070-am. While not a blog, her website has a "recipe archives" and some basic technique explanations, and a good search mechanism. It is

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            1. thanks, i'll check them out.