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Feb 7, 2007 02:17 AM

Best Sushi/Japanese in Madrid

Looking for the best Sushi restaurant in Madrid. No fusion of Spanish-Japanese wanted - just good old Japanese sushi, sashimi, rolls, etc. Preferably in city center and not outside Madrid.

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  1. Tsunami. Calle Caracas, 10. Teléfono : 91.308.05.69

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    1. re: jdelany

      Tsunami used to be fantastic;currently,I think it's become mediocre.

      I'd recommend you to visit

      "Miyama" (Calle Flor Baja)

      "Shiratori" (Paseo de la Castellana)

      "Ginza"(Carrera de San Jerónimo-right next to the Parliament)

      "19 sushi Bar"- Calle de la Salud- *On my last visit to this restaurant,I saw Tom Cruise there(do not know what was he doing in MAD)

      "Pink Sushiman"-Calle Caballero deGracia-Very cheap,hip and trendy Japanese "restaurant (kaiten sushi)-They may not have the best sushi in the world but for only 15 € you can have a look at what young modern Spain is about.

      "Kabuki"-Fantastic restaurant,but with some Japanese-Mediterranean fusion notes

      1. re: jdelany

        I was served perhaps the worst sushi I've ever encountered at Tsunami. Ugly, poorly plated and their miso soup quite clearly comes straight out of a packet. Vile.

        The second worst place I've ever been in is Pink Sushiman. I ordered a tea whilst waiting to see what came round on the conveyor belt and stood up and walked when they brought me a chipped cup with a red tea bag in lieu of the green tea I'd ordered.

        The best Japanese restaurants in Madrid in my opinion are:

        - Naomi - Ávila 14 (Estrecho metro) Tel: 91 572 2304 - Tiny family run restaurant, mum and sister in the front, dad in the back and son slicing the finest sashimi from the freshest fish in Madrid. The sashimi is to die for, especially the tuna and scallop. They often have Otoro in too. You absolutely must have a reservation for this one as it's packed pretty much every night. If they can't offer you a table ask if there's room at the bar where you can watch the sushi chef at work. Naomi's also home to best miso soup I've ever tasted outside of Japan.

        - Janatomo - Calle de la Reina 27 (Gran Via metro) Tel: 91 521 5566 - Madrid's oldest Japanese restaurant which became Chinese for a while in the 60s due to Madrileños reluctance to try Japonese cuisine. Other than Shiratori it's the only place I know in Madrid that has tepanyaki tables. Reasonably priced and decent enough house sake. The slightly warmed scallops are lovely and their black sesame flan is really really good.

        Sake Dining Himawari - Tamayo y Baus 1 (Colon metro), Tel: 91 360 5013 - The food is good, but not amazing - save for their eel tempura and okra salad - but they have an extensive sake list which is definitely worth exploring.

        I'm not a fan of Kabuki as I don't really feel there's much to gain by adding western touches to food as near to perfection as Japanese cuisine at its best can be. Another one to avoid no matter how much hip Madrileños try and convince you otherwise is Minabo which is basically Mexican-Japanese fusion. Picture perfectly clean flavours doused in chocolate and chili. Or better, don't.