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FN Dinner: Impossible - not too bad...

Being very disappointed with the recent direction of FoodNetwork, I was pleasantly surprised by Dinner: Impossible. If you haven't seen the show, the concept is a professional chef having to cook a dinner within severe (?) constraints. Hey, I'm not a chef so I don't know 'severe'.
The recent show filmed in New England featured chef Robert Irvine cooking for ~200 people on an island without our usual urban variety of food purveyors and only one oven to boot.

Together with Hungry Detective, Guy's Big Bite and Nigella Feasts :) I can kill a couple of hours a week.

Whadday'all think?

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  1. Sorry, DiveFan, but I was going to post with something like "Dinner: Impossible to Watch." From the amateurish copying of the chef getting "the assignment" to the contrived non-drama (what, we are going to watch 200 people at the end sitting around without food?) to the horrible editing and music. That this lame excuse for a show managed to get on air at Food Network highlights their sins and pretense. No sense of humor to even make it the least satiric or ironic. HORRIBLE show, the worst on Food Network yet.

    1. Nosh...what talent do you have? I am a film editor in LA and let me tell you, the job they do on this show is amazing! So is the music. I find this program very entertaining and love the chef. Why is it that people who blog feel obligated to put down everything. As my mother use to say, if you can't say something nice.....Would love to critique your job.

      1. I caught the last half of the Williamsburg show. I thought it was clever, engaging, and SUCH a big departure from the crop of new shows (i.e. Giada's Getaway, etc) that it was kinda refreshing. I loved the dynamic between the host and his sous chefs. I would definitely watch this again.

        1. completely agree, better late than never.

          one of the best shows on FN- not a huge fan of your other mentions though, Guy Fieri and Nigella are hard to stomach. Im a devotee of the Alton Brown shows and Iron Chef.

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            Yeah, I got to cancel my reco for Guy. His diner show is better especially with the sound Off.
            Is there sound on Nigella's show :-) ?

          2. I really like this show, my DVR is set to tape it. It's really about the chefs, and this chef is fun to watch, and he makes some great looking meals under pressure. I like it.

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              It has found its feet, so to speak, as time goes on. It was pretty so-so at first. Not real impressed. The Williamsburg episode was terrific, I liked it a lot. The ice hotel one was pretyy good too. I hated the spelling bee episode. The bit in the Governor's mansion was weak too. The one on the caribbean island was a toss up. I liked the fact that he had to get seafood from the ocean but he really didn't get very much help from the reality show "stars".

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                My sister likes this show - she enjoys watching the "challenge" of it, and likes his huge arms (his "guns", she calls them) and when he says to someone, "Move your bombas"!
                I think it's just ok - a little contrived for my taste. As the first responder said, are they really going to show him as a total failure in one of these??

            2. I really enjoy Dinner Impossible. It's something different than the regular cooking shows FN shows. I don't care for Guy and Nigella can get on my nerves sometimes. I like Alton Brown, and occasionally I watch Unwrapped or (gasp!) 30 Minute Meals. With 2 kids under 4 and a full time job, I watch Rachel Ray to get some shortcut ideas for quick dinners and then adjust as needed.

              1. I enjoy the backstage (kitchen) drama of this show-it is kind of like Iron Chef in that regard, as opposed to most cooking shows that have a sterile set with all the ingrediants laid out ready to go. Also, I think Irvine is pretty entertaining-he's very businesslike and is a bit rough to those under him (often for obvious reasons) but he comes across as pretty likable.

                1. I watch it sometimes. I like the chef and he does surprise me with how he can make gourmet from almost nothing. Like the military episode where everything was canned. I do wonder, however, how he got his arms to be so much bigger than his head...

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                    I thought I had pressed the wrong buttons on the remote as I did not see any cleavage for nearly 10 minutes............

                  2. Love it!
                    Quick paced, drama and food.
                    Keeps me hopping; love to see that accidents do happen to chefs too and how they handle crises.
                    Like the interaction between staff and chefs; each new episode brings a new challenge.