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Seeking some GOOD soup for a cold day...

I am craving some really good soup, preferably a crab or lobster bisque.

Ideally, I'd like a place between the Village and 40th street....but I can be swayed to
go elsewhere for some very special soup.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I really like the soups at Bread (20 Spring St Btwn Elizabeth & Mott St) - they have a great tomato soup and daily rotating soup specials (I've never had a bad soup experience there). I generally go for the $10 half sandwich + soup lunch combo.

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    1. re: aesis

      I second the tomato soup at Bread rec. It's consistently outstanding.

    2. I went to Hale & Hearty soup, because they had a crab asparagus bisque on the menu.
      I LOVE crab and asparagus, so I gave it a go.

      It was ok. About a 5 on a 1-10 scale.

      Has anyone tried their best selling soup...the tomato cheddar?
      The girl told me it always sells out by 1pm.

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        Excellent but heavy.

        Their everyday white bean is very good. So is anyting with lentils or black beans.

      2. if you are in soho/nolita - go to Rice and get their Mexican Chicken Soup. Delicious!

        1. One of my favorite soups is the chicken soup at Angon on 6th St. in the East Village.

          1. B&H on 2nd Avenue off St. Mark's-all their soups are delicious and warming--

            1. Matzoh ball soup at Cafe Edison (47th between Bway and 8th in the Edison Hotel). It's worth the trek.

              I actually also really like the soups at Veselka.

              1. Dont know if anyone has heard this one, but the best Chicken Soup I've ever had in my life is from The Great Burrito in the UWS (80s and Amsterdam).

                Wow, I've turned all my UWS friends on this gem, the rest of the menu is ok, but I'm known to order $10 worth of food just to get that yummy soup delivered to my apartment.

                It's basically a chicken rice soup but they put fresh tomatoes and cilantro at the very end and the broth is so fresh.

                1. Brooklyn Diner on 57th Street makes a great chicken soup (with dill).

                  1. Are there any places that make good vegetarian soup (with vegetable broth)? I love Hale and Hearty, but I'd like a cozier atmosphere...

                    1. Dishes makes some great soups. Multiple locations, although I don't think any are below 40th.

                      1. Is the Soup Kitchen open this year? If so, despite the high prices, they have outstanding soups including a crab bisque with lots of crab in it.