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Feb 6, 2007 11:35 PM

Black Bear Diner?

What's good here? What should be avoided?

How are the pies? Are we talking quality-wise ... Nation's, Marie Calendars, better?

How about the shakes? Tried the butterfinger or blackberry?

And ... uh ... how are the bear claws ... you would think they'd be good, eh?

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  1. Last time I was at the BBD in Sonoma, I saw "chiliburger" on the menu and couldn't resist. How many places offer that nowadays? (It was very good).

    1. Is Black Bear Diner part of a chain?

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      1. re: Mick Ruthven

        Yeah, started at Mt. Shasta, of all places. Now has franchises around the west. Take a look at their clever website for details.

        Their breakfast menu is for you "if you're bearly awake or bearelling along" and "coffee's always bruin".

      2. My son and I ate at the Black Bear in Carmel last summer; we stumbled onto it, basically, whilst hungry and looking for a place to eat. I think I had a salad, my son had a sandwich or a burger, I forget. We were underwhelmed, to say the least. Pricing was in line with the quality. Service was good; this was Sunday around lunchtime. Restaurant was maybe 1/4-1/2 full, it looked like locals, no tourists (which tells you something as Carmel was extra full of tourists during the Bach Festival).

        1. We have one in Glendale, Az. I find them OK. They serve large portions and their burgers are good. I like the turkey sandwich. Breakfast is very good, but lately its not been up to par as when we first went. Seems it doesn't come piping hot anymore. I have taken home their bear claw and found it very enjoyable. I also had a chocolate cream pie and was underwhelmed.

          1. Bullhead City and Laughlin do not have the best food. We stopped at Big Bear as we have seen them over the mountain west and they are crowded ALL the time in every location. We split a tri-tip salad and a club sandwich. Well prepared food. Our server was very attentive. We were sitting at the counter as there was a 10 minute wait for a table at 2 pm. The employees were in a rush and having an absolute BLAST. And the teamwork was incredible. An absolute marvelous blackberry cobbler.

            I would go back in a minute.