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Feb 6, 2007 10:38 PM

My next food processor: recommendations?

OK, so by the time I get my Mastercard paid off -- which should be fairly soon, IF I don't have to buy any more winter tires for my car and IF my cat doesn't get hit by any more cars, and IF I don't have any more unexpected visits to the dentist -- I should have enough "Thank You" points to get the 12-cup KitchenAid Ultra Power, I think that's what it's called. However, I also have the option of cashing in my points for a comparably-priced product of my own choosing.

So what I'm looking for is products comparable to this:

in terms of price and performance. (The price on this site is pretty high I think, but whatever. I won't actually be paying money for it.)

I would love to find out what food processor(s) you have and what you like or dislike about it (them). Comments about what looked good in the store or on the website and then didn't live up to the hype (or exceeded it) would be welcome too.


P.S. Is there anything good out there other than K-A and Cuisinart?

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  1. Not to be boring, but I got a 7-cup Cuisinart 22 years ago and it still performs perfectly and nothing ever broke or cracked. I bought a lot of extras for it, like a whipper and different size shredders. Don't bother. The basic comes with all you need.

    1. I have exactly the KA model you linked to and like it a lot. I can't say that I use it daily (more like weekly), but I usually am cooking for two, and for many tasks it's just as fast to hand chop/slice/grate things.

      The little bowl is handy for chopping greens, although it still flogs them about a little. My only gripe with the small bowl is that if I'm processing something liquidy, it tends to leak down into the large bowl and then I have two things to wash.

      It would be nice to have thinner slicing blades, as the two included ones are fairly thick, but I believe others are available, at extra cost of course. I've never used the plastic dough blade, and since I recently acquired a KA mixer, I probably never will :)

      The hopper tube is nice and wide, and I like the small hole in the tubular part of it in which you can place oil to slowly incorporate into an aioli or the like.

      It's powerful, relatively quiet (compared to the cheapie it replaced), and happily simple; on, off, pulse, what more do you need?

      The $250 price on KA's site is too high by far - IIRC I paid $200 minus $40 (BB&B 20% off coupon) = $160, and you can probably do better than that if you look around.

      Hope this helps,

      1. I've had a Cuisinart Custom 11 for the past 16+ years. The bowl and lid are cracking but it keeps on going. I can replace the whole thing at Amazon for $169 and free shipping or go to a parts replacement service and just buy bits and pieces. The bits and pieces add up so it might be just as well to replace the whole thing.

        1. Eheh heh... I'm kind of new here. Suddenly realized I could search "Food Processor" and find the VERY LARGE number of times this question has been asked already. Looks like it's come up every couple of months for a long time.

          So - thanks for your responses. It looks like I can get a huge amount of feedback from previous threads.