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Feb 6, 2007 09:49 PM

Any Italian bakeries in LA?

The one thing I really miss from growing up in Boston is good Italian pastries. Does anyone know a place that makes biscotti, "S" cookies, pizzelles, sfogliatelle, pastichotti, cannoli, cream puffs and maybe even some fig squares and light and silky loaves of crusty bread? For the past 15 years I have relied on the kindness of out-of-town visitors to ferry bags of cookies across the continent and recently I have been thinking about having some favorite treats FedExed to me, but is there a better way???

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  1. There are a few. Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, on Colorado Avenue, is definitely the doyenne of them, and in point of fact many of the items you see in other Italian stores are made by ERIB. Claro's, which is a local chain of Italian markets, make some of their own pastries (and import others from ERIB). Nicolosi, on Ventura near White Oak in Encino, also is quite good, and I love the cannoli from Monte Carlo Deli on Magnolia in Burbank.

    You'll find that most people sell sfogliatelle frozen, so you'll have to heat them up. Nicolosi has them fresh, but call ahead as they don't make very many without a special order.

    1. Sorrento's Deli in Culver City ... not a bakery per se ... but they do have a variety of baked goods ... good mini-cannoli ... biscotti is very good ... just the right amount of anise.

      1. Mmmmm sfogliatelle - can't wait to try them in Eagle Rock! In the past I too have succumbed to ordering from NYC's: and ...

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            Is that in the old Mazzarino's / Fiorini space? It must be new, I haven't seen it.

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              Space is still shuttered, with brown paper on the walls.

          2. Nicolosi's Pastry shop on Ventura Blvd. in Encino. Old time, authentic, with fabulous cannolis.

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                Love Nicolosi's -- the Italian deli next door is also pretty terrific.