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Any Italian bakeries in LA?

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The one thing I really miss from growing up in Boston is good Italian pastries. Does anyone know a place that makes biscotti, "S" cookies, pizzelles, sfogliatelle, pastichotti, cannoli, cream puffs and maybe even some fig squares and light and silky loaves of crusty bread? For the past 15 years I have relied on the kindness of out-of-town visitors to ferry bags of cookies across the continent and recently I have been thinking about having some favorite treats FedExed to me, but is there a better way???

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  1. There are a few. Eagle Rock Italian Bakery, on Colorado Avenue, is definitely the doyenne of them, and in point of fact many of the items you see in other Italian stores are made by ERIB. Claro's, which is a local chain of Italian markets, make some of their own pastries (and import others from ERIB). Nicolosi, on Ventura near White Oak in Encino, also is quite good, and I love the cannoli from Monte Carlo Deli on Magnolia in Burbank.

    You'll find that most people sell sfogliatelle frozen, so you'll have to heat them up. Nicolosi has them fresh, but call ahead as they don't make very many without a special order.

    1. Sorrento's Deli in Culver City ... not a bakery per se ... but they do have a variety of baked goods ... good mini-cannoli ... biscotti is very good ... just the right amount of anise.

      1. Mmmmm sfogliatelle - can't wait to try them in Eagle Rock! In the past I too have succumbed to ordering from NYC's: http://www.venierospastry.com/ and http://www.ferraracafe.com/ ...

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            Is that in the old Mazzarino's / Fiorini space? It must be new, I haven't seen it.

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              Space is still shuttered, with brown paper on the walls.

          2. Nicolosi's Pastry shop on Ventura Blvd. in Encino. Old time, authentic, with fabulous cannolis.

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                Love Nicolosi's -- the Italian deli next door is also pretty terrific.

              2. Hmmm. Frozen sfogliatelle? I'm skeptical, but may be desperate enough. I will try the bakeries in the valley since I work in Burbank, but Eagle Rock is a little far for me since I live on the westside. And Sorrento's I may try again, but the last time I was there I had the most obscenely bad sub I swore I would never go back. The meat was minimal and lousy and they had nothing to put on it except the stem end off an unripe tomato. The roll was even stale. I complained, but they shrugged their shoulders so I gave it back to them, (it was truly pathetic and inedible) and I left.

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                  The frozen isn't bad -- let it thaw most of the way, then either bake or (better) toast in a toaster oven until it's what it's supposed to be.

                  Eagle Rock, though, is worth the trip, even if you have to do it at the weekend.

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                    I agree Eagle Rock is worth the trip. The have a little shop area that sells things like tuna in olive oil, pasta, brioski and other necessities.

                    They also make great sandwiches. IMHO, better than Bay City's.

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                      Just keep in mind if you go on a Sunday they close at 1 or 2. Call to be sure.

                  2. Last Sunday I saw a sign on the south side of one of the 9000 blocks on Washington in Culver City the other day (east of tito's taco's - west of Ford's Filling Station) that said something along the lines of " Italian Bakery...coming soon". Can't remember the name though.

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                      Now that's exciting! I'll keep my fingers crossed. That's just around the corner. Thanks!

                    2. San Pedro has the highest concentration of Italian-Americans in Los Angeles and we have a couple great older bakeries here. Check out Portofino, Buscemi, and Europa. I'm not sure about sweets, but they all make great loaves and crusty bread. Giuliano's in Gardena (since 1952) is good too.

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                        Thanks, that sounds like just what I'm looking for. I'll check it out.

                      2. To add to the list, Al Gelato in Beverly Hills has a very small but very choice selection of Italian pastries among their dessert offerings: flaky sfogliatelle, dense biscotti and marzipan-pinenut cookies, maybe the best cannolis in LA. That's about it, but of course there are also non-specifically-Italian things like their famous/infamous giant apple pie w/caramel sauce and the so-called gelato (which isn't really gelato but is nevertheless among the best ice creams in the city).

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                          Mmmm. I do remember having my only good LA sfogliatelle there, but the next time I went they were gone.

                        2. Susina on Beverly is a mix of Italian, European and American pastries. The biscotti is excellent. Haven't seen cannoli there for a while, but the Italian wedding cake is showing up by the slice more often, and they always have a large assortment of Italian cookies.

                          Make sure to look at their full printed menu, not everything is always in the case, some things you have to order special.

                          1. Mike's Pastry from the North End of Boston has a website and will ship

                            1. you could try angelo's italian deli in long beach.

                              angelo's italian deli
                              190 la verne avenue
                              long beach 90803

                              1. Thanks but I used to live in Boston and always thought Mikes was all sugar, no substance. The prettiest, but not the most delicious, despite what the crowds seemed to think.