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Feb 6, 2007 09:30 PM

West Village Winter Dinner recs...

Looking for a dinner place that we can just walk-in too on a Wednesday night 7ish for a group of 4 peeps in their early 30's with good food and pleasant ambience (not stuffy) near Hudson St. cor West 11th (plus/minus 10 blocks). We are open to all cuisine as long as the food is good. our budget is around 50 bucks per person including wine. Some places that we have been to recently and liked are August and the Spotted Pig. We liked Wallse and Alfama as well but, there just a tad too expensive. Please recommend your favorite dish as well! Thanks.

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  1. Tavern on Jane is good. Hudson and w 12th i believe.

    1. Da Andrea, it fits your criteria for great food and works within your budget. Should not be a problem to walk in on a weeknight. It is on Hudson, between Perry and 11th, around the corner from Spotted Pig. I love their gnocchi but you will do fine with any of their pastas. If you can't get in there, and have a craving for Italian, Valdino West is a great back up option only a block north.

      1. I'll second the Valdino West rec and also offer Cafe Asean on 10th near 6th Ave. The food is a mix of Southeast Asian cuisine (like Malaysian, Vietnamese and Thai) and I've always really liked my meals there. It's a low key kind of place and your budget will definitely cover their prices. Should be pretty easy to get a table on a Weds.

          1. Jarnac is a small French bistro that should suit your needs. Agave on 7th Ave. South, though busy, is quiet enough and provides excellent southwestern food. For sushi try Tora on 7th Ave. south below Bleecker. Les Deux Gamins is another option on W. 10th St. near 7th Ave.