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Feb 6, 2007 09:16 PM

Wedding at New Otani

My fiance and I love the Japanese Garden at the New Otani, and are planning to get married there. The coordinator there has been extremely helpful, but before we make the final decision, we wanted to get any feedback chows have about the place. Have you been to a wedding or another function there? How was the food? The service? The space? Is there something in particular that worked or did not work?
We have a list of a dozen entrees to choose from and 50 or so appetizer types. Any suggestions regarding New Otani experiences, or general wedding tips (such as how many appetizers does an average guest eat, hot or cold appetizers, etc)

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Sorry, haven't been to the New Otani. But I am a frequent wedding goer so I can offer some general wedding tips. My advice is to trust the coordinator at the hotel regarding how many appetizers to order...they have done it so many times that they should be able to give you a good estimate, based on the size of their portions. I think an equal number of hot and cold is best. And it's much preferred if hors doeuvres are's always annoying when people have to gather around a too-small buffet table at cocktail hour like vultures, or standing in line waiting to get access to the food for half the cocktail hour (in my experience, the table to guest ratio is never sufficient). Congratulations on your upcoming wedding!!