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Feb 6, 2007 09:08 PM

Where can I get a French Toast Sandwich (not a Monte Cristo)?

Aside from Burger King, does any place offer a French Toast sandwich?

Not a Monte Cristo where regular bread, ham, turkey, cheese, etc. are fried together.

Rather, what I am looking for is a sandwich where the french toast is made separately and beforehand, then used as the "bread" for the sandwich ingredients, e.g. ham, egg, cheese, etc.

Burger King has a version, albeit a rather sorry one.

So, I ask, where can I find a French Toast Sandwich (that is not a Monte Cristo)?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Just where available... not recommendations, just referrals :)

    The Nosh in BH


    French Quarter Market Place in West Hollywood

    Cantina Real in Hermosa Beach

    FWIW, allows you to do a Find-a-Food Search!

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    1. re: Emme

      Also, The Filling Station in Orange has one if you're willing to make the drive...

    2. hmmm-

      26 Beach in Venice/Marina del Ray has a lot of different french toast options on their brunch menu- including 2 "monte cristo" named sandwiches. The one I had this weekend did not seem like the whole thing was fried together...not encased in the egg-batter, more like a grilled ham and cheese with french toast for the bread......

      it was YUM

      3100 Washington Blvd.
      (west of Lincoln near corner of Yale)
      Venice, 90292
      (310) 823-7526
      sorry- i can only find their dinner menu online

      1. Yeah, I do it at The Original Pantry. I ask for the sourdough French toast and load it up with my bacon &/or ham.
        Is that a French Toast sandwich?

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        1. re: monku

          That's not a bad idea ... I guess I'm just too lazy to put together my own cholesterol bomb ...

        2. Cafe Bixby in Long Beach.

          Atlantic & Roosevelt. You won't be sorry.

          1. I'm thinking you could get the crew at Europane to assemble one for you on a Sunday morning.

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              1. re: yum

                Definitely on Sun mornings, possibly Sat too. The thick kind.