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Where can I get a French Toast Sandwich (not a Monte Cristo)?

Aside from Burger King, does any place offer a French Toast sandwich?

Not a Monte Cristo where regular bread, ham, turkey, cheese, etc. are fried together.

Rather, what I am looking for is a sandwich where the french toast is made separately and beforehand, then used as the "bread" for the sandwich ingredients, e.g. ham, egg, cheese, etc.

Burger King has a version, albeit a rather sorry one.

So, I ask, where can I find a French Toast Sandwich (that is not a Monte Cristo)?

Thanks very much.

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  1. Just where available... not recommendations, just referrals :)

    The Nosh in BH


    French Quarter Market Place in West Hollywood

    Cantina Real in Hermosa Beach

    FWIW, www.losangeles.menupages.com allows you to do a Find-a-Food Search!

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      Also, The Filling Station in Orange has one if you're willing to make the drive...

    2. hmmm-

      26 Beach in Venice/Marina del Ray has a lot of different french toast options on their brunch menu- including 2 "monte cristo" named sandwiches. The one I had this weekend did not seem like the whole thing was fried together...not encased in the egg-batter, more like a grilled ham and cheese with french toast for the bread......

      it was YUM

      3100 Washington Blvd.
      (west of Lincoln near corner of Yale)
      Venice, 90292
      (310) 823-7526
      sorry- i can only find their dinner menu online

      1. Yeah, I do it at The Original Pantry. I ask for the sourdough French toast and load it up with my bacon &/or ham.
        Is that a French Toast sandwich?

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          That's not a bad idea ... I guess I'm just too lazy to put together my own cholesterol bomb ...

        2. Cafe Bixby in Long Beach.

          Atlantic & Roosevelt. You won't be sorry.

          1. I'm thinking you could get the crew at Europane to assemble one for you on a Sunday morning.

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                Definitely on Sun mornings, possibly Sat too. The thick kind.

            1. Doughboys has stuffed french toast.

              1. Salads Galore in Brentwood and Encino has one!

                1. Have you tried the French toast sandwiches at Famima? (they have it in sausage or ham) They just started a breakfast campaign this month with french toast + coffee. I think it's pretty good quality for a conveninence store item! Get it warmed up and don't forget to get the maple syrup, they give it to you at the counter.
                  For sit downs, I definitely say 26 Beach in Venice. Not too sweet and just right!