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Feb 6, 2007 07:44 PM

Kids dim sum vancouver

OK... so we have a kid (10 year old) who saw a thing on Food TV about dim sum on carts . We will be in Vancouver on a Feb Saturday, (Parkside that night) and need to find a place in chinatown (cab ride/ water taxi/ walk) from the science museum that will fulfill his wish....

doesn't have to be "the best", just a good cutural experience...

Thanks in advance for your help...and I promise we'll write up all out food experiences in BC on our week long ski trip to Silverstar.


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  1. Sun Sui Wah
    3888 Main St

    They have carts. I have been to Sun Sui Wah (Richmond branch) and they have lots of choices especially on the weekends. I will admit that I like going to the next level up in quality but then you have to order from a menu. I think your son would like to see the different items available.

    Have fun!


    1. Closer to Science World is PINK PEARL.
      They are located in Gas Town.

      I personally like Sun Sui better (as it focus is seafood) but on a Saturday your son will get the full dim sum effect at Pink Pearl.

      1. A number of years ago we had great cart service at Park Lock Seafood, upstairs just off the corner of Main and Keefer. Anyone been more recently?

        1. For Dim Sum it's Pink Pearl 1st, Sun Sui Wah 2nd
          If you are going for dinner it's the other way around. Order a live crab & they will bring it wriggling to the table before taking it to the kitchen for some magic. I don't know of a 10 year old who wouldn't dig that!
          Da Cook

          1. Pink Pearl is your place, without doubt.

            Sun Sui Wah has groovy layered jello desserts, but I think Pink Pearl does too.