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Best Hot Dogs/Burgers/Chili in Vegas?

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My wife and I are into American food in a big way. BBQ, Cajun, Soul/Southern. That also includes natural casing hot dogs - snappy Polish sausage - cheeseburgers and chili.

We are leaving Los Angeles for Las Vegas and are searching for the best hot dogs - burgers and chili available in Vegas.

In LA, we have always loved the Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks for their amazing Polish and hot dogs - Carney's too. This is a place for LA dogs http://hotdogspot.com

For chili there's a great place in Hollywood called Huston's and of course, for burgers there's always In-N-Out.

Recommendations for any of the above would be greatly appreciated - LA will be missed but there must be some great places in Vegas beyond the casinos, chains and suburbs.

Any clues?

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  1. Haven't tried it but 'SLOTS OF FUN' next to Circus Circus offers a half pound hot dog for 99 cents

    this article may be helpful:


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      I find myself near St. Rose Hospital sometimes and there is a branch of Tommy's next door. I always have to have a burger there, it comes with chili tomatoe onions pickles and mustard on it. It is disgusting, but I love it once in a while, and I am a Paleo guy on top of it!

    2. Thank you - that article is very helpful.

      1. i keep driving by chicago dogs ( the one on trop..also not too far from the strip) with plans to try but then again i've always felt there's too much "stuff" on a chicago dog...but i figure i should go there to see if they have other sausages- especially brats. Big dogs ( one on sahara ...i think that will be the closest to the strip ) has brats...decent...i can't remember if they have dogs ...
        i might be wrong but mr. hot dog is now called sammy's - i tried a sabrett's dog there after i read on the la board about people raving about the good 'ol days in jersey eating sabrett's dogs. personally, the dog didn't do much for me and it wasn't cheap !!
        of course, you got pinks at the aladdin...i'm sure you've been to the original. i had a decent dog at jersey mike's...but it was not on a hot dog roll...that bothered me. and yes...you gotta give slots o' fun a try ...just for the comedy of eating a huge dog...and don't be shy...pile on the hormel chili, bag cheese and onions !!! and i admit..i like the costco dog !!!

        i will post pics when i give chicago dog a try...possibly this weekend !!!

        btw...i had to laugh at your comment..."beyond the chains, casinos and suburbs.." hmmmm not sure there is anything left !!!!

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          Thank you for all of the info. Much oblidged and I look forward to any photos you can post.

          As for "beyond the chains, casinos and burbs" comment, I hear what you're saying and that about describes all of Vegas. In LA, you can always find a hidden gem in little strip malls in the older parts of town or odd out of the way places and that's what I'm referring to.

          I think Vegas will be fine. Dogs, burgers and chili are all carnival food anyway and Vegas seems like one big circus.

          Just searching for the snappiest, garlic-infested juicy dogs and Polish that would make the Weiner Factory in Sherman Oaks sit up and take notice.

        2. in la as in vegas, that's my goal...to find the hidden gems and that's why i really try to avoid the chain restaurants and frequent the local, and preferrably, family run, restaurants - places that take great pride in their business/product - take a look at the attached and sadly, you'll see that the masses tend to lean towards the "chains"...not always, but still, it's kinda sad ...i own a business on the northeast side of town and local food establishments and other specialty shops are few and far between in that area...but there are some gems...and yes, i will post some pics for you...in fact, i will be driving by slot-o-fun on sunday and you've inspired me to purchase one of their artery cloggers...it's been awhile and i doubt i can take more than a few bites...but what the heck !!!

          good luck in your quest !

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              You might want to research your links before posting them. Citysearch put Carl's Jr. in their top 10 burgers, and the Review-Journal has Costco for best hot dog. I will admit that Costco does have a darn good dog, but still...

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                you are missing the point - that's why i post the links !!!!!

            2. There used to be to be great foot-long chili dogs at the snack bar in the Boardwalk casino, but I think that casino/hotel has since been shut down. When you ordered the hot dogs with chili, they were so messy that you couldn't pick them up and eat them with your hands. You needed to use a fork and knife to eat it.

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                sadly, it was torn down to make way for the mgm "city center " - i have many fond memories of the boardwalk casino in my early, lean years of visiting vegas - they used to sell a bag of donuts for a $1 ( it hink you needed a coupon for it ) and at times it was 2 dz for the price of 1 !!! basic plain, crumb and powdered donuts...but 6 guys piled into a car driving home with gas $$ and a few nickels in our pockets...it worked for us !! they also had hobo stew...we used to joke about who was the lucky one that actually had a piece of beef in their stew ( kinda like finding the prize in a crackerjack box ! ) and they served the food on paper plates....they eventually started serving white castle burgers...the ultimate in greasy food !!! ah yes...the good 'ol days !!!

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                  I miss those "White Castle" style sliders from the long gone Foxy's Firehouse at LV Blvd. and Sahara.

              2. I'm not a connoisseur of hot dogs, hamburgers, or chili but I've got a few recommendations that I like.

                There is a place called Manhattan Franks in the Village Center on the corner of Sahara & Ft. Apache ( Summerlin/Lakes area ) that has natural casing dogs as well as a host of others. I like it well enough to go back but I understand that it's part of a chain so you may have already tried it.

                For burgers try Fatburger. There are several locations but the closest to the Strip that I know of is on Charleston & Decatur ( actually there is one by the MGM Grand but I can't be sure exactly where ). Make sure you get fried egg and chili on the burger. There is also the Burger Bar in Mandalay Bay if you are looking for a gourmet burger with a ton of options on toppings.


                For chili I go to a place called Egg Works on Flamingo and Ft. Apache ( yes these recs are all off the Strip ). They have a couple different kinds of chili but I go there specifically for their cincinnatti-style chili. I miss Skyline every now and again and that place comes super close to nailing it. They also have a different kind of chili but I've never tried it. They are only open for breakfast and lunch I believe.


                1. Have you been to "PINKS" In hollywood? They are served At the ALLADIN i think at the zanzabar Snack shop...... Real Hoffys with natural Casing....

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                    Thanks for more of your ideas - Manhattan Franks in Summerlin sounds like the real deal. Yes, I've been to Pinks in Hollywood countless times, but the Aladdin is closed and turning into Planet Hollywood.

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                      Oddly enough, I'd rather wait for an hour, standing in line, on La Brea Blvd. at 2:00AM for a Pinks hot dog served on wax paper than wait 25 minutes sitting in a coffee shop for the same hot dog served on a plate for twice the price.

                      Having eaten at Pinks for 35 years, I can tell you, it just isn't the same experience. Whether it's the same hot dog doesn't seem to matter.

                    2. Burgers, pizza, and chili? Well, if you want all three at once, there's alwaya the chili cheese dog, chili cheeseburger, chili cheese fries combo at the Weinerschnitzel in the food court above the M&M store (east side of the strip, across from NYNY), but something tells me that's not what you had in mind.

                      If you're looking for "just" a burger, I'd go with Fatburger (I never did like In & Out that much, although their fries are incredible). If you're willing to shell out a little more, try Burger Bar at Mandalay Place (between Mandalay Bay and Luxor).

                      1. For a really decadent burger...try the DB Burger @ the DB Brasserie @ the Wynn. It's $32 and stuffed w/ short ribs, foie gras and black truffle... along w/ a side of fries! WooHoo!

                        1. I'd like to add my 2 cents... This one is not so much for the tourist, but for the average vegas resident. Sam's Club has Nathan's Hot Dogs. And those are freaking amazing. I always look forward to going to Sam's Club to grab a dog and a slice of pizza. Their prices are to die for, and they offer to go. You can pile it on your dog as much as you want. And "Pizza by the slice" is actually 1/8 of a very big pizza cut into 2 slices. There is one in North town that has it that I know of for sure, but Sam's Clubs are so cookie cutter that I'm sure they all have it. In any case thats my 2 cents.

                          1. I'm a SFV transplant myself and spent a couple of years searching all over the Vegas Valley looking for those places that reminded me of my favorite places back home in Los Angeles. The short answer is that I go back to Los Angeles twice a year to see my dentist and get my fix of favorite foods.

                            Dim sum, BBQ, sushi and hot dogs pale in comparison to the worst back home. The best hot dog here is at Costco.

                            Burgers are different here. Good, but different. Keep looking till you find what you like. My favorite is Bachi Burger. My go-to is Original Tommy's. In-N-Out locations are all over the valley.

                            Cajun and soul really suffer here. M&M Soulfood on Charleston is pretty good, but it's no Les Sisters.