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Feb 6, 2007 07:06 PM

Kwong's Seafood in Millbrae now Classic Sichuan

Just opened this week. Has anyone been?

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  1. Oh no, Kwong's had just bounced back up in quality. Maybe the chef was dreaming about retirement. Sorry to see it go.

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    1. re: Melanie Wong

      Well I have mixed feelings. I did like the place (as well as the predecessor Mao's Seafood), but then we now have another new place to try!

      1. re: Chandavkl

        Millbrae is no longer the Hong Kong enclave it once was. I'm looking forward to having more choices too.

    2. I'd be up for trying it if anyone else is--I guess more of a dinner place.
      We've been going to Zen Peninsula now for dim sum and think it's better than Fook Yuen. I don't bother with HK Flower anymore.

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      1. re: Tabetai yo

        You might want to post an email address here or on your My Chow page for folks to contact you directly.

      2. If anyone tries it, be sure and post - I'm always on the lookout for a decent Szechwan place (Albany is so damn far!)...

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        1. re: Deeg67

          Is South Legend in Milpitas any closer for you?

          1. re: Chandavkl

            South Legend Sichuan was allegedly opening a branch further north, any word of this?

            Edited to add: here's the contact info for Classic from the Chamber of Commerce page,
            Classic Sichuan Restaurant
            148 El Camino Real
            Millbrae, CA 94030
            (650) 692-3388

        2. Not really, unfortunately. I'm in Burlingame, so it looks like Little Sichuan and Five As are about it in my close vicinity.

          1. Just came back from Original Class Sichuan. Will post more completely lately, but food was excellent and recommended. Only drawback was lack of parking.