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Kwong's Seafood in Millbrae now Classic Sichuan

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Just opened this week. Has anyone been?

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  1. Oh no, Kwong's had just bounced back up in quality. Maybe the chef was dreaming about retirement. Sorry to see it go.

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      Well I have mixed feelings. I did like the place (as well as the predecessor Mao's Seafood), but then we now have another new place to try!

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        Millbrae is no longer the Hong Kong enclave it once was. I'm looking forward to having more choices too.

    2. I'd be up for trying it if anyone else is--I guess more of a dinner place.
      We've been going to Zen Peninsula now for dim sum and think it's better than Fook Yuen. I don't bother with HK Flower anymore.

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        You might want to post an email address here or on your My Chow page for folks to contact you directly.

      2. If anyone tries it, be sure and post - I'm always on the lookout for a decent Szechwan place (Albany is so damn far!)...

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          Is South Legend in Milpitas any closer for you?

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            South Legend Sichuan was allegedly opening a branch further north, any word of this?

            Edited to add: here's the contact info for Classic from the Chamber of Commerce page,
            Classic Sichuan Restaurant
            148 El Camino Real
            Millbrae, CA 94030
            (650) 692-3388

        2. Not really, unfortunately. I'm in Burlingame, so it looks like Little Sichuan and Five As are about it in my close vicinity.

          1. Just came back from Original Class Sichuan. Will post more completely lately, but food was excellent and recommended. Only drawback was lack of parking.

            1. Ooh - don't tease! I don't want to get my hopes up too much...

              1. Went for lunch yesterday. Proper name is Classic Sichuan Restaurant. Restaurant was very crowded, room was nice, larger than I remembered.

                We had Shrimp A La Sichuan (9.95), Sichuan Dry Cooked Chicken Dice (8.95), Seafood Noodle Soup (6.95), Shrimp Chow Mein (6.95), noodles with peanut sauce, one other chicken dish whose name I cannot recall, and Hunan Smoked Pork.

                The shrimp was excellent - shrimp, tree mushrooms (I think), water chestnut, and scallions. The dry chicken was also excellent -- essentially comprised of chunks of chicken with bones and chilis, nothing else. The third chicken dish was chicken with green and red chilis, very tasty as well but a bit oily. The seafood noodle soup was very good. The noodles with peanut sauce ordinarily comes with pork, but i requested it without as I do not eat pork. These noodles were very good. The people I was with did not seem enthusiastic about the pork dish -- maybe because it came after we had eaten everything else.

                Portions were very large, and prices pretty reasonable. Good heat -- we were all sweating by the time we were done. The menu is extensive -- first two pages are sichuan, starting with cold appetizers, then hot, then main courses. That is followed by three or four additional pages of more standard fare, and the back page has lunch specials.

                I posted not long ago about Grand Sichuan in NY, and asked whether anyone knew a place here that was similar. Classic Sichuan is pretty close.

                1. I hit Z & Y today, for the first time - somehow this place has escaped my attention, even in Sam Lok mode. Had the CQ chicken and Dan Dan Mien. The chicken - while less fierce in the eating than the appearance - was delicious. The DDM was one of the better versions of this standard that I've had - nicely sour, creep-up hot, and not too much peanut. Definitely a new go-to when I'm in Chinatown, though not the revelatory experience of China Village. Looking forward to trying some of the other dishes on their huge menu.

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                    Thanks for the report. Here's a posting from lunch at Z&Y Garden a few months ago.

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                      Z&Y (a.k.a. Sam Lok) has become my go-to place in Chinatown for non-Cantonese, too. I think the Sichuan side of the menu is much stronger than the Yunnan side, and as long as the sign is still hanging (it's been there since at least the early 60's) and the good-natured Mr. Wong is waiting on me, I'll continue to think of it as Sam Lok.

                    2. Another review of Classic Sichuan popped up on Yelp, I see. Mentions the boiled beef, which I somehow never noticed on Little Sichuan's menu (if it's the same management). Gonna have to give it a try - that's a killer when it's done well.

                      1. As a follow-up to SNW's post, I had lunch at Classic Sichuan today. It was pretty crowded - about 3/4 full of a multiethnic (thought mostly Asian) clientele. The BI-LINGUAL menu has about 70 authentic Szechwan options, from boiled beef (also offered in pork or fish options) to CQ chicken (done two ways) to spicy frog, followed up by the eponymous two pages of Cantonese and "Mandarin" standards. Perhaps as an homage to the past, there are a couple of "General Kwong's" preperations on the menu.

                        Although the friendly waitress tried to dissuade me (Very hot! Very hot!) I ordered the boiled beef, my litmus test for Szechwan places. It arrived in all its glory, that magnificent bowl gleaming with chili oil and nicely topped with a sprinkling of raw scallions. The dish was excellent - tender flank meat, startlingly fresh and sweet onions, cabbage - and had the right combo of "numbing-spicy" with the sichuan peppercorns and the chili oil. The only complaint I'd make is that there was a slight chicken-y taste to the dish, as if it had been prepared with chicken broth. I'd still rank it a notch below China Village's preperation, but it's pretty authentic.

                        Next time I'll probably go for the herbal chicken soup, possibly the sichuan beef stew or cumin lamb. It's an interesting menu, begging to be explored further.

                        1. Thanks for the head's up, here's my post on the dan dan noodles at Classic Sichuan.