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Feb 6, 2007 06:56 PM

Korean Style Fried Chicken...NY Times

Just read the article in the NY Times about the very speacial chicken that Koreans fry up.

I WANT SOME...I have to imagine that there is a place in LA that can do this right. Any insights?

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  1. Very interesting...would love to hear a K*Town Hound's answer to this.

    1. I was at the Prince on monday and the waiter there said their chicken is really good. I'd try that. You'd have to go to a pub-style place like the Prince, normal korean restaurants prob wouldn't have fried chicken. (btw the waiter, steven, was awesome. he's there mondays thursdays and saturdays. his english is great too).

      1. The Prince is one of the best places in town that serves it. Also get the kimchee fried rice. Very yummy... If you are looking for a place to pick up and take with you, Koko's chicken in the Galleria Market has all the varieties and is pretty darn good. Beats KFC.

        1. most korean cafes (drinking cafe) typically have fried chicken on their menu. not sure if the preparation is the same as described in the ny times article but i have always found the fried chicken i order at the cafes to be quite tasty.

          1. Reading the article, it seems like they're talking about two different kinds of fried chicken. Both are available at almost every korean cafe. There are the battered wings, served plain (Dak Nal Gae, "chicken wings") or brushed with garlic, soy, pepper whatever sauce (Mae Woon Dak Nal Gae "spicy chicken wings"). Then there's the deep-fried whole chicken (Tong Dak, "whole chicken"), cut into pieces, with the thin, crackly and almost transparent crust.