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Looking for Vegemite

Does anyone know where I can find Vegemite for sale in Manhattan? I know Kraft hasn't been importing it to the States for a while, but from what I understand some places still have stashes available. Please help!

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  1. There's that meat pie shop in the east village... tuck shop? I know they carry a couple grocery items, like candy bars...

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      I think Fairway sells it -- near the bread section, there are two possible shelves where it might be.

    2. dean & deluca's has it

      1. Sahadi's in BK, Two for the Pot in BK, and Fairway all carry Vegemite -- which is better than vegemite anyway

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          no way is Marmite near as good as Vegemite! grrrrrrrrrr.

          1. you can also get it for free when you go to the sunburnt cow in the east village. great aussie bar

            1. From the Customs and Border Patrol Website

              Why is CBP Seizing Vegemite?


              But really, Marmite is far superior!

              1. i've seen it at fairway (upper west side location)

                1. Yes, Tuck Shop, either the East Village or midtown locations.

                  1. I saw it last week at the Red Hook Fairway.

                    1. Vegemite. Isnt that the "stuff" that Lucy was advertising on I Love Lucy? And she got like stoned?

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                      1. try calling Tea and Sympathy in the vllage. they have a shop that may sell it.

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                          Does TuckShop sell the large 455g jars?

                          The tiny 115g jars are useless, but available at Fairway, Myers of Keswick, online... etc. I used to stock up at www.everythingaustralian.com, but they have been out of stock since the CBP Seizing incident...

                        2. I was wandering; does Sunburnt Cow still serve their food on paper plates?