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Feb 6, 2007 06:16 PM

Good lunch spot in downtown St Pete?

Any suggestions for a good lunch spot where I can take a friend visiting from out of state? She's a bit of a hipster, so something somewhat upscale but not too terribly trendy would fit the bill.

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  1. 2 places I like for dinner are Cafe Alma and Ratchada. I think both are also open for lunch.

    1. Z Grille on Cnetral.


      1. If she's from out of state, treat her to the Columbia. . .

        1. To the Vinoy - Marchands is lovely or if you want something more casual, I second Cafe Alma.

          1. If you want to treat someone to "old" Florida and what St. Pete was like 20-30 years ago try:

            358 22nd Ave. S
            St. Petersburg, FL 33705
            (727) 823-1594

            It's only a couple of minutes outside of "downtown" and it's basically a burger and beer place, but it's one of the few remaining places where you can get a feel of what you used to find all over St. Pete.