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Feb 6, 2007 05:59 PM

What's the Status of Stasi Bakery in Corona?

It closed.
It reopened by Leo's.
It closed? ....I haven't been in a while. Is it around anymore? What's the scoop?

At my dad's party last week at Parkside we were served the most unbelievable cannoli cake. Seriously outrageous. Tender cake and thick layers of subtly sweetened dense cannoli cream with a showering of chocolate chips that was enrobed in a light layer of unsweetened whipped cream. EVERY ONE of our relatives (many Sicilians who know a thing or two about cannoli, I might add) asked where we had gotten it. It was THAT good. I thought I remembered Alfredo telling me at my son's one year party two years ago that Stasi made their cakes, so bigmouth that I am, I told all my relatives this. They have been calling info etc and can't locate Stasi apparently. I have to call and find if the cake was made on the premises at Parkside which I'm starting to think, however this all got me thinking about Stasi.

We must have eaten at Parkside over 100 times and had everthing on their menu, but nothing was ever as great as this particular cannoli cake. Such a simple thing, but it was a revelation.

All Good Things,

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  1. Apparently Krystal's, the Filipino cafe and bakery in Woodside, bought Stasi Pastry Shop some years back. The Corona shop is closed. Krystal's (and Stasi) are at 69-02 Roosevelt in Woodside, 718-898-1900.

    69-02 Roosevelt Ave, Queens, NY 11377

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      Thanks....So do the Filipinos at Krystals make a good cannoli cake? I know they make a mean adobo...

      When I called they said they only offered the cannoli cream between crispy Napoleon layers. Has anyone tasted it?


    2. hi i am from Brooklyn and know good pastry. I will never forget in the late 70's when I lived in queens, I used to go to a restaurant who had the best pastries and when I would ask where they got them from they would avoid answering. Finally I was so desperate i made a scene (a small one) and they told me Stasi in Corona. I was a fan and hooked. turned all my friends on to them and was a regular. In the 1980's I moved back to Brooklyn and still went back until the saddest day of my life when I arrived and found the little store gone.
      My favorite pastry was what the old man called scones. round pastry tubes filled with french cream. Please tell me that I have a chance of having another stasi experience. I need to find the stasi baker. I would appreciate any help finding him.


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      1. re: marie chiappa

        >>> '... what the old man called scones. <<<

        Sounds tasty. Real tasty especially if the french cream was spot on.

        1. re: marie chiappa

          They are still at Krystal Cafe, mentioned above. Would be skeptical that it's the same baker from the 1970's, but who knows.

        2. I never ate at Stasi but, I'm happy to say that the cannoli cake/napoleon from Krystal's is amazing. The story goes, from the person who served the cake to me (and know's the Stasi cake), perhaps not that Krystal's outright bought Stasi but when it closed, some of the bakers moved on to Krystal's where the cannoli cake is available only on special order. And yes, it is like a cannoli napoleon so I can't say that it is the absolute original from stasi which is layer cake with cannoli cream.

          regardless . . . . big, and delicious.