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Feb 6, 2007 05:56 PM

need a lobe of fresh foie gras

Anybody know where I can find a nice lobe of fresh foie gras that won't be marked way up in price? I'm looking to spend $60 max. Thanks.

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  1. I have no idea what is a reasonable price in NYC, but there must be plenty of meat markets to call, and as a last resort, isn't Dean and DeLuca there?

    1. I guess that I am expecting Dean and DeLuca to be way overpriced and, as I'm new to the city, I don't know the meat places to call.

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        You can order it direct from Hudson Valley Foie Gras or you can often order it through Fresh Direct. If I recall correctly, the price is the same (about $70 for a full lobe) except if you order through Fresh Direct, you avoid the overnight charge that Hudson Valley charges (I think like $20). But, I have placed an order on FD, scheduled the delivery and then when the delivery comes, the Foie is not included because they were out. You really don't get any advanced warning that it won't be coming. So, if it's not imperative that you get it on the day you schedule the delivery and you just want to give it a shot, I'd order from FD. But if you are planning a meal or an evening around it, I'd order direct from Hudson Valley. When we ordered from HV, they threw in some free duck breast (might have been by accident).

        In terms of ordering from other vendors, the only way I have seen foie gras sold (and my experience is limited) has been in individual servings/slices that are vacuum packed. So if you really like foie gras (as it freezes well too) or are serving a large group, I would definitely recommend going the whole lobe route.

        1. re: magfitz

          I havent' had a problem getting foie gras from FD. But I've had other problems, like delayed delivery, etc.

      2. Citarella prices are the same as Freshdirect.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. I just saw d'artangan foie gras, whole lobes in a vacuum-sealed package, being sold at the red hook fairway the other day.