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Feb 6, 2007 05:40 PM

Informal Los Angeles Area "Must Order" List

Because I'm tired of waiting for the Chowhound engineers to finally release their local wiki upgrade, I decided to start a thread that I hope would contain what are considered "must orders". Cuisine, cost, availability, etc, not withstanding.

This is not a best-of each food type, meaning that it shouldn't be limited to one burger or one pizza entry (lord knows we don't have a consensus in that regard). It's more meant to be a best-of each restaurant.

Please post whatever you feel is appropriate. By the time the local wiki shows up, we can just copy and paste.

I'll start:

1. Nem nuong cuon (spring rolls) - Brodard (Garden Grove)
2. Chorizo and cheese taco - Tacos Por Favor (Santa Monica)
3. Shio ramen - Santouka (Los Angeles/Torrance)
4. Mole negro - Guelagetza (Los Angeles)
5. Mole negro - Monte Alban (Los Angeles)
6. Seasonal Strawberry/Peach Donut - Donut Man (Glendora)
7. Hand-cut pastrami - Langers (Los Angeles)

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  1. Chiles en nogado--Babita (San Gabriel)
    Boat noodles--Sapp Coffee Shop (Hollywood)

    1. Filet Mignon--Ruth Chris's
      Soy bean milk and fried Chinese donut--Yung Ho (Rosemead)
      Pastrami--Langer's (Los Angeles)
      Beef Noodle Soup & Scallion pancakes--Dumpling House (Rosemead)

      1. fried chicken wings -- Pann's
        beef soup with hand cut noodles -- Mandarin Noodle House

        1. Chicken chili verde tamale - Gallego's Mexican Deli
          Juicy pork dumplings - Din Tai Fung
          Roasted dates with bacon and parmesan - A.O.C.
          Ahi tuna, pine nuts, cucumber, toast appetizer (off menu) - Orris
          Porridge - Doughboy's
          Pan fried catfish - 5'0" (Laguna Beach)
          Homemade flour tortillas - Paco's
          Lemon hazelnut merengue torte - Rose Cafe
          Gigi salad - The Palm
          Corned beef - Magee's (3rd and Fairfax Farmer's Market)
          Mashed potatoes - Melisse
          Original Royale (char sui/portugese sausage omlette on rice)- Rutt's Hawaiian Cafe

          With some sushi from Sushi Zo those would also be my "deserted island" choices.

          1. Hudade Combo_ Rahel in Fairfax

            Chanpon- Kyushu Ramen in Van Nuys

            Fried Cauliflower thingy disn(not the name, I forget what)- Woodlands Pure in Artesia or Chatsworth

            Chocolate chip cookie- Leda's bake Shop

            Nan sampler -Gungadin

            Potent Sweet Potato- Hugo's Riverside or West Hollywood

            Special Gnocci of the day, pizza bread -Angeli Caffe in West Hollywood.

            Ginger Rosewater Ice Cream - Mashti Malone's Glendale or Hollywood

            Any pizza on Friday Pizza Night- Follow Your Heart in Caonga Park

            #13 Salad - O Dae San in Koreatown

            Stuffed Tomato or Orange (not really and orange or tomato-refers to fish color)- Sushi House of Taka in Sherman Oaks

            Biscuits and Lemon Curd Pancakes (any pancake really)- John O' Groats