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Feb 6, 2007 05:36 PM

Carnegie Deli or Sarge's?

We will be staying at the Shelburne Murray Hill at 37th and Lex. I was thinking of having our last lunch during our NYC stay at Carnegie Deli (we've eaten there many times, but dad will be visiting NYC for first time). I noticed that Sarge's is a deli right near our hotel, and I was wondering if this would be a better option for food quality and the feel of a great NYC deli.

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  1. They both suck. Head over to Katz's on E. Houston two blocks east of Allen (turns into 1st Ave north of Houston) Street, right on the corner of Ludlow.

    1. By all means, give Sarge's a try. I had a GREAT meal there last November. But Katz's should not be missed if you visit the LES.

      Carnegie is good only if you have never eaten at Sarge's or Katz's.

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      1. re: Fydeaux

        forget sarge's. go to carnegie. but the best by far is Katz's. Hands down. though i cant wait till 2nd avenue deli re-opens at their new location.

          1. re: chundi

            If it actually happens, the new location is supposed to be on 33rd St., b/t 3rd & Lex.

      2. If it's a straight Sarge's vs Carnegie, then go to Sarge's. I'm sure if others chime in, ricky7 will end up in the minority.

        But of course, Katz's will give you a better sandwich every day.

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        1. re: harrison

          Well, on pastrami I'm with Ricky7. Katz's rules, followed by Carnegie. Nothing wrong with Sarge's, but the other two are better. If you're not ordering pastrami, though, I've got no opinion, except that I've never cared for Carnegie's corned beef.

        2. Definitely go to Sarge's for the best deli in Manhattan (I recently went to Katz's after reading so much praise from other Chowhounders; boy, was I ever disappointed: pastrami was flavorful, but definitely not fatty even after requesting fatty (and leaving a generous tip is the bucket $5 for 3 sandwiches). Sarge's has always (more than 15 years) had flavorful and fatty (that is my preference) pastrami. I am soon to move from Murray Hill, but I'll always go to Sarge's for the best pastrami sandwiches.

          1. Sarge's no question...I can't agree with Katz's being disappointing but if you're staying in the area and you want some great NY deli Sarge's is the way to go...corn beef & pastrami combo sandwich and a souper soup is the perfect meal on a bitter day like today

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            1. re: Todd

              I think I just gained 3 pounds reading this thread.

              1. re: Todd

                yeah the corn beef and pastrami combo is probably better. The pastrami at Sarge's is tasty but really fatty. I couldn't finish the pastrami sandwich last time.