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Feb 6, 2007 05:31 PM

Any good places to eat around Madison Sqaure Garden?

I'm taking out my wife to the Garden for her first NY Rangers hockey game on Friday. Can anyone recommend a good ethnic restaurant to eat near the garden, beside Koreatown? Thanks!!

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  1. Keens Chop House, get the famous mutton chop.

    Its otherwise a gourmet wasteland, unless you go for some small place on 9th Ave, or Korean BBQ in Korea Town (32nd, etc)

    1. I know you asked for ethnic but in case you decide otherwise, I like Market Cafe on 9th between 37th and 38th. The food is modern American, reasonably priced and a great option for what's otherwise a difficult chow 'hood.

      1. There are a bunch of Indian restaurants on 31st and 30th between 6th and 5th, like Dimple.

        1. Did you check out They have reviews and sample menus and you can search the restaurants by streets (the west 30s, the west 40s, etc.)

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            I think the poster wanted Chowhound worthy food that has been sampled by this community.

          2. The only White Castle in NYC is a few blocks away. Go for a dozen before the game.

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              Hahaha. My intern knew I had a deep love of White Castle from living in the Midwest and as soon as he saw one by the office, he ran up to me to tell me about his new lunch find.

              Keen's isn't exactly ethnic, but probably the best choice nearby.

              1. re: JungMann

                I'd choose Keen's over WC. BTW - WC is in a pretty sketchy neighborhood. Been there once for lunch and was not real comfortable with the surroundings.

              2. re: jfood

                That White Castle closed down a while ago.

                1. re: mr_fro2000

                  Are you sure? The one on eigth in the 30's? I was there last month. I wrote that I would probably not go back again because of the 'hood, but a nice walk in the spring may have more tummy motivation than fear aversion.

                  1. re: jfood

                    I'm not familiar with any on 8th Ave but there had been one on 5th just south of the Empire State Building. There was also one on Northern Blvd in Jackson Heights in Queens & one on Kennedy Blvd in Jersey City not far from the PATH station in "the Heights". I was a transplant from the Midwest & learned pretty quickly that for whatever reason the White Castles in NYC area always put catsup on their burgers. In my opinion, this ruined them. After happening to me at two seperate locations I always made sure to tell them no catsup.

                    1. re: kevlney

                      There is a WC at 585 8th Ave.

                      Growing up in NJ, the WC's always had ketchup on them. Interesting that midwest calls it catsup (similar to soda and pop regional differences, but that's another thread) and that the WC in the midwest excluded catsup/ketchup from the slyders.