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Feb 6, 2007 05:22 PM

Kobe Club's horrible review.

anyone ever see a place get as bad of a review as kobe club. i was shocked.
It's nice for a reviewer to actually call somthing like it is. I'm so sick of hearing how bad places are "good."

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  1. interesting that he admits he called it one of the best new places to eat in 2007 without ever going there. well, thank you

    the Times review is not much better:

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    1. re: nuxvomica

      No, no, no, re-read, he based the original "best new place" mention on one visit, then obviously regretted it when he returned to check it out more carefully. I bet he was even harsher on it because he was embarrassed by the props he originally gave it.

      1. re: kenito799

        you're right, i read again. what a bloodbath, Cuozzo hating on them too today, yikes

    2. God, it sounds so gimmicky! The first thing I thought was that having nearly 2,000 swords pointing down at you is terrible feng shui.

      1. I like Bruni b/c he doesn't hold back... Kobe club is not the only place to get reamed by him... check out the reviews for Ninja and Lonesome Dove.

        All three places are very gimmicky. Despite that, I think if the food was good he'd tell us so.

        1. I've eaten at Kobe Club. It's ridiculously expensive and over the top in so many ways, but for those who seek unabashed excess. . .and there are many in New York and around the world, it is great fun. When I went, despite the prices, the place was packed. It's really a nightclub; the food is secondary here. I think Bruni and Platt should have understood that; did they really expect the food to be the main attraction?

          1. My favorite restaurant bash of all times belongs to Ruth Reichl in her review of Roy's financial district outpost: "If clowns had a cuisine, this would be it."