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Feb 6, 2007 05:20 PM

ISO Cassava

Where can I find cassava in Northern Virginia? I need some for a Fijian recipe for a Girl Scout activity. In fact, feel free to suggest a good Fijian recipe, preferably something that can be transported to a daytime event, set up on a folding table, and passed out in small quantities to 10-year old girls.

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  1. Try any of the Asian supermarkets. If the ones in NoVA are like the ones up here in Maryland, they carry it, both for their Asian customers, and for their increasing push toward "crossover" to a Latin American/Caribbean customer base.

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      Biggest ones would be Grantmart, which has a huge selection of Latino products. Where in NoVa are you? There's one off Rt29 in Centerville, Rt7 in Sterling, I think there's also one in Seven's corner, which has multiple asian markets that's very mix in products.

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        Also any Latin American markets, such as the one in Herndon (Elden just east of old town Herndon).

      2. Thanks, all. When I posted, I figured I had not seen cassava around. Then I looked in my vegetable encyclopedia ("Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini") where it is reported that cassava is the same thing as yuca. Yuca is al over.