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V Day Italian suggestions

Hey all,

I'm looking to take my SFO out this Saturday for an early Valentine's Day dinner. Her favorite food is Italian. I'd really like to take her somewhere romantic, and obviously has great and interesting food.

I was thinking Via Matta, simply because she's mentioned it in the past, but I'd love to hear what other people think.

I appreciate your help.

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  1. Il Capriccio in Waltham is very nice. If you want something less expensive, Lil Vinny's in Somerville, Carlo's in Allston, Joe & Maria's in Norwood and Basil's on Frairie in Medfield are all good.

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      Carlo's isn't really romantic. And I haven't been to Lil Vinny's but am assuming they're not too romantic either. Via Matta might be too bustling and noisy to be romantic. Limster mentions Campania and my boss was there last weekend for the first time and loved it, but I can't vouch for its romantic-ness. Taranta in the north end seems pretty romantic as is Mama Maria. Davide on Commercial Ave.

    2. Zafferano (Campanian), Trattoria Toscana (Tuscan), Maurizio's (Sardinian), Campania (general Italian).

      1. Forgot to add Euno in the North End

        1. Grotto, 37 Bowdoin, on Beacon Hill is a cozy little place: http://www.grottorestaurant.com/

          1. And allow me to congratulate you for avoiding ruining your actual V-day by trying to go out to dinner that night! You are truly romantic.

            1. Bon Caldo on Rt. 1 South in Norwood/Walpole would be a nice choice

              1. I love Via Matta, but it's more noisy and bustling than romantic. Sage in the North End has wonderful food and it quite cozy.

                1. Isn't Sage moving to the Umbra spot? And thanks Karl - I'm cooking for her on the actual V Day. I have no desire to deal with an insane wait for a table, crappy service, and food that won't be worth the price....

                  I appreciate the suggestions.

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                    Yes they are moving but I thought not until March and North End would be open until then.

                  2. Grotto or Trattoria Toscona.

                    1. Nothing's more romantic in the North End than Mamma Maria.

                      1. We really enjoy Carmen, a tiny little wine bar and Italian restaurant in the north end, great service and food, very cozy. Via Matta's food is great but as others have pointed out it's pretty busy.