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Bobby Flay's Italian Beef

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Geez, Did anyone see Bobby Flay TRY to make a Chicago Italian Beef during the Super Bowl?
Cook up a clue, pally. He put MUSTARD on the sangwich! OOOF!

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  1. LOL...no i didnt see it....but thats a sin.

    1. It was the worst version of the classic chicago sandwich I've ever seen. Sterling Sharpe looked like he was going to choke on it.

      1. Oh! It was horrible! We couldn't stop laughing when he slapped on that mustard!

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          Did he follow it up by putting ketchup on his hot dog?

        2. there is a bus stop poster on michigan ave saying 'fees on savings are like ketchup on a hot dog' ... for the record: there is nothing wrong with ketchup on a hot dog or mayo on french fries.

          if it's real mayo.

          1. Seriously, I almost gagged when he made that sandwich. It wasn't remotely a Chicago Italian Beef. No giardiniera peppers? The bread (which was the wrong kind) was sliced all the way through? The MUSTARD? WTF? All I can I say is: Go Chef Bowles in the next Iron Chef!

            1. Silly New Yorkers!! Need we really say anything else?? LOL

              After watching Bobby for years, I'm more surprised he didn't add Habineros to the Gardeniera...

              1. It was a disgrace to put mustard on that Italian Beef.... He should have done his homework.. silly New Yorkers...

                He seemed to do the hot dog justice though. At the bar we joked wondering if he was going to put ketchup on the hotdog, and I was happy when he didnt.

                1. We should stage a Chow protest with the food network. Who's in?!

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                    I'm in! Someone should also protest Rachel Ray and her Campbell's soup dinners as well.

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                      Why don't we just protest Rachel Ray, period?