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Feb 6, 2007 03:43 PM

Looking for V-day suggestions???? - SEA

Any suggestions of hidden finds that are big on experience and quality food, yet will not kill my budget for weeks to come? We both work in Seattle, so hopefully some place in or around the city.

Any recommendations would be much appreciated!!!!!!

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  1. Without knowing exactly what your $$ limit is it's hard to say, but...

    Some mid-range places that I like very much, and I think are nice enough for V Day, are Stumbling Goat (I'd recommend this most), Le Pichet, 35th Street Bistro and La Spiga. None of these are "hidden finds" (though Stumbing Goat is in Phinney/Greenwood, a bit off the beaten track) but they aren't the trendiest or hardest to get into places right now, either.

    1. Unless you are extremely lucky, you're not going to get a reservation at this late date. You might be lucky enough to get a 5pm or 10pm spot, but those don't work well for most on Wednesday nights. My suggestion is to immediately call EVERYWHERE and book whatever you can get, if you really want to go out.

      1. I would also suggest that because you are getting so close to the day that you should check out You can put in a price range or neighborhood and time and # in party and it will give you participating restaurants that have openings and it books for you right online! I just tried it for V-day and found a bunch of places that can take you, including Etta's, Restaurant Zoe, Brasa, etc. It may limit you depending on your price range, but it can certainly guarantee you have a table that night!