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Feb 6, 2007 03:36 PM

Crisscross North America???


Jim, I love to read your posts. I haven't missed one.
( l ) <- but

Can you make it west of Bourbon country? It seems you are sticking to places you already 'know' geographically/foodwise. Any chance you'll make it near or west of the mississippi? I'd love to read a report about a remote, utterly unknown chow landscape....not eastern tourist destinations. In almost every locale you mention previous notes(granted, sometimes from years ago).
I hear North Dakota is nice this time of year :-)

To repeat: I love the blog, and am happy to eat vicariously until I can make it to these places you've visited. Thanks for making this available to all of us.


  1. Thanks, TNC. Ok, let's geography, I just started out in NY and roamed widely. If I don't hit all sections of the country, it's not because I was, like, lingering anywhere (the sole exception is coming up in the next four or so reports, btw). I truly couldn't have moved further/faster and still made any sort of decent finds...I'm surprised I made the finds I did, at this pace!

    As for familiarity, not true. I've never been in New brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, Alabama, Kentucky, Northern Maine, Western Virginia. And I've never been (or been only very briefly) to the vast majority of locales I passed through. When I did revisit previously known cities on this tour, it wasn't places I'd lolled around in much. Mostly places I'd hit fast and cursory previously (just as fast as on this tour!), and was eager to follow-up. Consider, for example, how briefly I hit places on this tour; I'm dying to return to the good finds and really soak them up. I'm just sort of blasting in with my camera and notebook, having six bites, and moving on...just scratching the surface. At some point I'd like to stop surface scratching, and actually go hang out! :) But as a writer, I'm doing it scattershot and piecemeal.

    There's some west coast stuff coming up, but.....well, there were problems. keep reading, you'll see...