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Feb 6, 2007 03:36 PM

Caputo's comes to N. Plainfield / S. Naperville

Will County has arrived: A vast, wondrous, global Caputo's opened Nov. 8 on the NW corner of Rt. 59 and 111th St.

Angelo Caputo's Fresh Markets
3115 111th St.
Naperville, IL 60564
(630) 579-3300

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  1. Thanks for the info,now I have a reason to go out into the lovely artic weather this weekend.

    1. Well so much for them being a fresh market. I have purchased a number of things there only to bring them home to find them spoiled. I have had oranges go bad (moldy) the very next day, blackberries and rasperries that I brought home to use right away only to find several of them moldy and just today purchasing a watermelon to find out it was rotten and 3 out of 3 packages of moldy corn tortillas. I am so sick of going back to that store to return things that are bad.

      I think I have had enough bad experiences not to recommend this store to anyone. When they first opened everything was ok and we shopped there regularly in place of Jewel or Dominicks. The quality is just not there anymore amd I am going back to Jewel and Dominicks for our weekly groceries.

      Has anyone else experienced poor quality at Caputo's?

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      1. re: lzrada

        I really like the import items that Caputo's has. I've never been impressed by their beef and was terribly underwhelmed by the lack of veal choices. But the biggest disappointment is their seafood. I now go their only for a few import items.

        For seafood and beef I'm now driving to Whole Foods (off 83) from Joliet :/


        1. re: gonefishin

          I guess you cannot go wrong at Caputo's by buying italian canned tomatoes, dry pasta, and olive oils but stay away from the produce as it is not fresh at all. For fresh produce I think that Michael's Fresh Market (Rt59 and Rt34) is much least they rotate all of thir older stuff. I am really afraid to buy their meat and seafood although their italian sausage looks pretty good.

        2. re: lzrada

          I have never had a problem with Caputos produce, some of the best garlic around, and other items(jalapenos, tomatos, romaine lettuce, avocados) all are better than I find elsewhere(especially during the colder months before the farmers markets, and roadside produce stands open up out where we live). . The deli counter is top notch, and the variety of import items, hot sauces, giardinara, and muffaletta olive spread are hard to find elsewhere as well. I dont go that often, maybe once a month when I make a trip to Costco, but I look forward to my trips to Caputos. It takes us about 45 mins to get to Caputos each way.

          1. re: lzrada

            Aside from the overabundance of import items, I'm not terribly impressed. Overall, it's the same slipshod shopping experience one finds at Jewel and Dominicks. And honestly, I liked the previous tenants, Marsh's, much better.

            Casey's off Washington and Gartner is earning more and more of my money. The combination of meat case and deli/bakery is unsurpassed in this area. Though the store is a bit small and doesn't offer as vast a selection (or low prices) for everyday needs as the two major dopey chains, I'm getting sick and tired of making that extra trip to Jewel for toilet paper and laundry detergent, and then having to bolt to somewhere else for high-quality foodstuffs. (Whole Foods and Trader Joe's is nice and all, but it doesn't fill the everyday void.) At Casey's, you beleive that a grocer in the SW suburbs actually cares about what you're buying.

            I'd be surprised if Caputo's lasts more than 3 years on 111th and Rt. 59. If anyone from the corporate offices of Wegman's (based in Upstate NY and now stretches down to the DC area) is reading this, get your keisters out to Chicagoland ASAP and save our souls. I'm begging.

            1. re: ML in Naperville IL

              I think making more than one stop on grocery day is just the way it is. I dont think there is one store that can do it all.

              No place around has the quality of meat/poultry I get at my local butcher. I go to Costco for toilet paper, baby formula, and other bulk items. If I am in Naperville I hit Caputos for some deli meat, fresh mozzarella, pastas, and other import items, and when it is not summer for produce. During the summer I go to farmers markets and a roadside produce stand for my produce. For seafood I go to Supreme Lobster, and for all other items( canned goods, household items, etc) I hit the local Krogers, or Super Wal Mart.

              I dont shop @ Jewel, Whole Foods, Trader Joes or Dominick, I just do not like what they offer.

              I enjoy shopping, so making a couple of stops to get top notch product to cook with does not bother me.

              1. re: swsidejim

                Of COURSE you don't believe one store can do it all, Jim -- you're from Chicagoland. Here it is normal for shriveled and moldy produce to be offered for sale year-round. Or darkened meat on its expiration date with a cheery '75 Cents Off!' sticker. Or some strange club-card swindle that pumps up the prices so high it makes it look like you're saving money even though you clearly are not. Or for a brand or product to be sold regularly at one of a chain's stores, but never at another of the chain's stores -- even if they're located just a few miles apart.

                Out here, grocery store club cards rarely actually lead to real rewards and incentives to loyal customers. The stores don't even offer something as simple as reserving a few prime parking spots for parents shopping with tiny children. And even though a lot of these places are open 24 hours and have stockers filling shelves at 2 a.m., I'm still ALWAYS tripping over a store employee who feels the need to justify his job by getting in my way in the middle of the day. And buying fish at one of these places? -- NO WAY.

                This is not to say I never shopped at crappy grocery stores before I moved out here. I'm saying that I'm shocked that such crappy service has been accepted as the norm. I swear, Jim, I thought these Jewels and Dominicks and Cub Foods were grocery store MUSEUMS -- not actual grocery stores. Milk and eggs still sold in open-air cases?!? HUH? Typically, one can usually learn the identity of a town by shopping at one of its grocery stores. Which is why 5 years later I am still stunned that we all put up with this in Naperville.

                I agree that Costcos and the other clubs have altered most peoples' shopping routines, although it still is not a mandatory grocery-day stop for me. More like maybe once per month to restock the bulk. Trader Joe's is just for fun. Is there REALLY anything we need there on a daily basis?

                I'm the steward and the cook at home. I enjoy shopping, too. But as the children get bigger and the schedules get tighter, I'm not in the mood to ALWAYS have to stop at Casey's for good meat (or a fishmonger for seafood) and whichever chain is pissing me off the least for the non-Costco stuff. Screw it, I'll just buy more and more from Casey's. At least there you get what you pay for. I'm accustomed to relying on a grocery store I trust to have the quality products I like and not rip me off -- and actually offer me real deals, "Baby Bucks," free turkey or ham incentives during the holidays, etc.

                It's a real drag out here. Chicagoans love their food -- they deserve better core grocery stores. Because Caputo's pretends to act like a core store -- it doesn't only sell fancy imported goods -- this chain simply falls into line with the other frauds out here.

              2. re: ML in Naperville IL

                I agree with your observation, and also am a big fan of Casey's. I like the fact that I can get most of our "everyday" food shopping done at Casey's and the neighboring Trader Joe's. With regard to everyday shopping for toiletries and the like, we mostly just rely on Target.

                1. re: ML in Naperville IL

                  Seriously!!! Wegmans is the BEST grocery store in the entire country. I emailed them years ago after a trip to upstate New York to suggest they consider expanding to the Chicago area, but instead they went south towards DC. I remember my SIL calling to brag, she got a Wegmans and we did not.

                  1. re: Gelato_in_Roma

                    Gelato, I weep daily that I only was able to shop at my Wegman's for 18 months. Yes, a grown man crying over a grocery store that actually understands.

                    I had it all and then I moved away from it!!!