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Krystal v White Castle

for those of us who are lucky enough (or unlucky enough) to have had both, which is your favorite and why?

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  1. KRYSTAL! We only have White Castle in Indy - and I actually drove to Bowling Green KY (the closets location) during a mad craving. The buns are ever so much better than WC. On a recent trip to FL the husband ate them whenever possible - fortunately we could have the windows down...
    However....did you see the Krystal eating contest on TV this past weekend? - dunking them in water was more than I could handle.

    1. On our Thanksgiving trip we ate at WC one day and K the next. Definately Krystals. I don't know why, I just like them better. I think Spoon may be right, it's the buns. The WC buns get so much soggier.


      1. Really? It's been a while since I've had Krystal's but I remember thinking that White Castle's buns were better. Plus the burgers were just right, there was something off about Krystal. I did LOVE their chicken poppers though.

        1. the buffalo ranch krystals are good. a guilty pleasure. but they are FILLING! I had two and i felt like I ate thanksgiving dinner.

          1. I'll eat whatever is available. No fave...both respectable sliders--one with mustard, one without. These food product franchises excel in, what I like to refer as, 'It'll make a turd,' food. This question is almost like asking why In-n-Out can't serve an egg on top of an animal style, a la FatBurger. No extremes, just style.

            1. White Castle by a LOOOOOOOOOONGGGGG Shot!


              1. I think the original Krystal was in Chattanooga, my home town. I started eating them around 1955. The products were known as Krystals. They were set up with the "meat" and onions along the back of the grill and gradually moved forward until they reached the front, getting the bun-shaped layers along the way. When they reached the front, they were ready to serve. You'd sit on a counter stool, call out "four Krystals" (at 15 cents each) and get them on a plate in a few seconds.

                While they glow in memory, it's at least partly because it was the first food I ever ordered and paid for on my own, without my parents present. At least in memory, they were less watery than White Castle, which didn't exist in Chattanooga and which I went to only several years later.

                It's beside the point to call them burgers. They've always been a "food-type-product" -- the original fast food.

                1. This topic, almost more than any other, is a regional one. Those south of KY will pick Krystal (I'm one of them). Everyone else will pick WC partly because they don't know any better!

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                    LOL!! I'm a die-hard White Castle fan from NY. I never thought there could be a slider out there that compares to WC. Then Mrs. Lizrdkng and I went to Memphis and tried Krystal! Let's just say, we went for Memphis BBQ twice during our week there - and Krystal filled up many of the remaining meals we had! Ahh - slider perfection!
                    Cafesmilie is right - ya gotta try 'em! I know of a guy that planned an entire roadtrip around a Krystal in Chatanooga, TN (where Krystal started)! There's a reason for this obsession!


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                      Born and raised on WC, I cannot imagine anything better. Yet, here in the Northern Virginia area, I see the nearest Krystal will involve a road trip. I'm willing, and will undertake it someday. Since WC has disappeared from view here, too, this just might prove to be a spectacular experience. In the meantime, I can live with my sweet WC memories, and remind people that Little Tavern - ah! - was also quite amazing.

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                        Not meaning to highjack here, but Mr. lizrdkng where in Memphis did you go for BBQ? I'm right down the road in Nashville so I'm familiar with all those Memphis joints. BBQ and Krystal. . . let's not forget our cholesteral here. I hope you had some veggies with those meals, like pickles or mayonaisey slaw on your BBQ sandwiches and fries with your Krystals

                        1. re: cafesimile

                          Deep fried pickles are veggies right???


                          1. re: Davwud

                            "Deep fried pickles" is just how the long, strange odyssey ends. It starts thusly, "Once upon a time there was a cucumber......."

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                            Our first BBQ feast was at the Blues City Cafe on Beale St., and the second gorge-fest was at The Rendezvous! And yup - we had our beans and mustard-slaw accompaniments. Almost made us feel better about clogging our arteries!! :) I keep hearing we missed some great places in Nashville though. At least we got to enjoy one Krystal meal (yup - a sack of 12 with fries for veggie balance!) in Nashville on our way back home from visiting the Jack Daniel's Distillery!

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                              Glad you enjoyed our cities and our food. The Rendezvous has the best ribs anywhere IMO and to be truthful nothing in Nashville touches them. You may be a New Yorker, but I detect a little southerner in there somewhere; Jack Daniels distillery with Krystals in one day. . . Welcome to Tennessee, my son!

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                                You need to do Jack Daniels on a Friday in the summer. They have a BBQ lunch on the hill over looking the "Holler" that is just fantastic. Great pavilion, great food and the music is excellent.


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                                  Thanks, cafe! It was one great trip! And you may be right about having some of the South in me - I've always felt at home with some sliders, smoked meat, a little whiskey, and some Johnny Lee Hooker playing in the background! :)

                        2. Kristals for me. Buns, onion, and just the right amount of meaty taste.

                          1. I'm from St Louis and have been a fan of White Castle forever...I recently had some Krystal burgers in the Atlanta airport because I wanted to compare the 2...wow, there is quite a difference. I think I'm a bit impartial though...also, visit www.whitecastlevskrystal.com to put in your vote, and see what Samuel L. Jackson thinks!

                            1. Nashville is one of the few cities with both WC and Krystal. I'd cast my vote for White Castle and I'd say it's not very close. Better burgers, better fries. Krystal has better chicken, solid shakes, and a corndog if you're into that sort of thing. But for burgers? Naw.

                              1. The only time I have had Krystal was when I was stuck in the Atlanta airport last year. I'm not sure if that counts, but I found the burgers a bit tastier than what I have had at White Castle over the years.

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                                  Am sitting here in Loris, SC, about 30 miles from the Krystal's down where 17 business and 17 bypass meet in Garden City (both these places are just suburbs of Myrtle Beach, y'all) trying to think of a way to get down there and get me some sliders! NOW!

                                  WC is great, but gives me some tremendous heartburn. I have been eating (and enjoying the heck out of) Krystal's for about two years. They are missing something that WC has, dunno, grease? But I love me some Krystal's!

                                  Up side to WC. Greasy, oddly satisfying, they usually are co-located with a Churches Fried Chicken. Down side, deadly heartburn.

                                  Up side to Krystal's. Mustard, onion, pickle. All I put on my burgers anyway. Also, they may be an exception at this spot in Myrtle Beach, but when you order onion rings, they make them fresh. EVERY TIME! And they are frozen, but they ARE NOT minced onions! Down Side to Krystal's. They are freaking 30+ miles away. I have to drive by a really good Thai restaurant to get there, and ten more miles, and I am at an excellent Mexican restaurant.

                                  If they were side by side, I would eat at both. I love little greasy burgers. My guilty pleasure. Oh, and NO CHEESE! (it cuts the grease)...

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                                    I have never had Krystals so I cant compare.... but to Youngstownboy - the trick is that you have to get a milkshake with your Whitecastle - NO HEARTBURN!

                                    Seroiusly I swear - it works - every single time I've had WC without a shake I get horrible heartburn....but with a shake - nothing!

                                2. White Castle all the way! A couple of years ago in New Orleans, I dragged DH to Krystal's to try it. I was disappointed. I'm not a fan of mustard on burgers and the soggy WC bun is the perfect foil for the steamed burger.