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Feb 6, 2007 02:54 PM

Goin' to Katana - any "must gets?"

Sitting at the sushi bar and plan on eating sushi and robata yaki. Any "must haves" that I, er, must have? I've never been there so any advice would be nice.

Tuna Toast

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  1. From the robata bar:
    Lobster skewer
    Filet mignon w/foie gras skewer
    Qual egg skewer
    Chicken Meatball

    Stay away from the sushi...

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    1. re: BrookieStyles

      I don't recall lobster, but I did have the King Crab. It is a very large menu. They also have, or say they do, Japanese Kobe beef, but not on the skewers, but charcoal grilled.
      Check out the menu on

    2. Sit outside! Half the fun is the scene.

      There's the (in)famous spicy tuna on crispy rice. I like their version better than Koi's.

        1. Sorry. not sure what happened.

          1. the pork belly with mustard is incredible!