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Feb 6, 2007 02:44 PM

Birmingham Barbecue

I will be in Birmingham for three days at the end of February. Any suggestions for great barbecue?

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  1. Dreamland is the quintessential 'Bama bbq place and has very good ribs. Although I'm more a fan of the sauce than the meat itself. The B'ham location has a nice atmosphere, but I prefer the original shack in Tuscaloosa.
    Jim & Nick's is really, really good (several locations around the city). Full Moon BBQ has a great spicy slaw that they put on top of their sandwiches (there are at least 2 locations that I know of). Bob Sykes (in Bessemer) is great as well. The outside brown is perfect!

    1. I am not a fan of Jim and Nick's---it's just okay bbq. I like Dreamland, but I've heard that they are really inconsistent. I don't go there enough (maybe once every year or couple of years) to give an opinion on this point. I really, REALLY like their sauce. It is a tomato based sauce that has enough spice and vinegar to give it a kick. Full Moon is okay. I've heard lots of people raving about Bob Sykes but haven't made it out there yet.

      1. I had chicken and a darn-good-for-a-restaurant slice of lemon icebox pie from Johnny Ray's today. Otherwise, Miss Myra's is my go-to-Q in the 'ham.

        1. What's happen to Golden Rule? I haven't been there in years.
          We use to go to the one on Montgomery Hwy.... I juat saw on the
          internet they started franchising. Is this the same place?

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            Andrews barbecue on first ave north is very good.Outside slice pork that's smoky and crispy on the outside and moist on the inside.Miss Myra's in Cahaba Hts has good smoked chicken w/white sauce and the Golden Rule in Hoover was still topnotch as of last August[it's franchised to death now but this one had the same staff since forever ago]

            1. re: scrumptiouschef

              Andrews Barbeque (they have that great neon running-piggy sign) is closed (not sure when)! There's a sign in the window there that the building is for sale/lease, with an Atlanta phone number.

              Too bad, they had great fried green tomatoes, too.

              1. re: deepfriedkudzu

                That makes me very sad.Oh what I wouldn't give to have that galloping,laughing neon pig up in my kitchen.What other legendary restaurants in th' 'ham have closed in the last few years?
                When they bulldozed the Newberry's Department store years back I kept hoping people would chain themselves to the bulldozers to keep the fried chicken ladies who ran the diner inside with steady work.

              2. re: scrumptiouschef

                Thanks Scrump.....
                What I remember most about Golden Rule was the great homemade fried pies.
                My dad use to stop there on his way to visit us in KY and eat lunch.
                He always grabed few extra fried pie for us. Next time I down that way.. I'll have to pull off I-65 and check them out.