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Feb 6, 2007 02:42 PM

Lares on Pico....what happened

Lares on Pico was always my safe backup Mexican restaurant but since the fire they have changed. Anyone else notice? Gone are the cloth napkins, portion size has been cut, the margaritas are weaker than ever and the food is inconsistent. They are pushing hard on the sales. We were asked 4 times if we wanted guacamole. A few weeks back, I finished a Manny Lane burrito! In the 12 years I have been going to Lares I have never finished one. I always had a bit left for breakfast the next morning...mmmm. Now its the size of a very average burrito. Usually 2 margaritas and I am haaaapppy. Last visit, I felt like I had 2 margaritas of sour mix and a drop of Don Julio tequila. On another visit, I ordered chicken enchiladas. They were the size of a taquito - hardly any chicken. Don't get me wrong, I still love their flavors but oh do I miss the old days!

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  1. Bummer. Did you ask, even about the white napkins? I have been there several times post fire, and don't recall paper napkins. Maybe this is a recent thing. Hopefully not a permanent thing...napkins and portion size.

    1. That's odd because I was there two weeks ago and thought it was as good as always. In fact, I remember thinking at the end of the night that their margaritas are the best in town...perfect balance of tequilla and mix. Not too sweet with a kick. As for the food, I also had the enchilada and thought it was the same as the size I usually get. Maybe the kitchen had an off night?

      1. We went this past Saturday night for the first time. The guacamole was okay, the margaritas (which we ordered with Petron tequilla) tasted watered down, and the service was slow. My chicken fajita was overcooked. My husband's chile rellano and chicken taco were fair and ordinary -- nothing to write home about at all.

        1. It used to be really good -- but it's slid downhill since the fire, and it's a shame. I don't live on the Westside anymore so it's not a big deal to me, but if we were over there we'd probably go to the Talpa or Tia Juana's for Mexican.

          1. I've too noticed the size change in portions. Use to have plenty of the Carnitas plate to go. Now I can finish it and ask "what happened?"