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Feb 6, 2007 02:39 PM

Suggestions for Birthday Weekend in NYC

Mr. Alice is turning 50, and the weekend of the big even will be spent in Your Fair City. Right now, I have reservations at Eleven Madison Park and Devi. I'm interested in other suggestions for dinner but, especially, great lunch places -- anything from fine restaurants to the best street food, so long as it's delicious and muy Nuevo York. Thanks!

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  1. You'll have to get some pizza and/or burgers. But those categories will open up a big can of argumentation around here.

    1. First things first: Congratulations on reaching the half-century mark, and with your senses in decent working order....I'm fairly close behind so....

      Lunch places: Were I choosing, I'd look for contrast, local color (in nyc, anyway), as well as delicioso. Some lunch options that come to mind: Sucelt, on 14th and 7th...hole-in-the-wall Latino place full of local color and very basic but delicious food; no one EVER recommends the Terrace Restaurant, uptown at Columbia, on 119th, b/c the food is not inspired, but it's certainly good enough, and the view is terrific if you're coming from Dallas; I've always loved Lucien's, on first and first, French Bistro, wonderful service, you can sit there all afternoon and people-watch; CHINATOWN...others on this board know better than me, so scroll about for recs. And as themicah reports, pizza and burgers are alwys in fashion (no argumentation from yours truly, themicah....).

      Have fun, and enjoy your degustation, whether by fortune or design.

      1. I love Momofuku for lunch. The food is great and different (pork buns, spicy kimchee stew, chicken wings).

        I also really like Mary's Fish Camp. Best lobster roll in the city.

        And you can never go wrong with Cafe Habana.

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          I like these recs.
          In addition to these, I always like to recommend Bouchon Bakery in the Time Warner Building and the pre fixe lunch at Jean Georges. If you go to JG ask for a reservation in the Main Room....$28 for two courses...each additional course $12. Bouchon Bakery does not take reservations, so go before 12 if you want to get right in.

          Out of towners also like lunch at Payard Patisserie. Feels like you are dining in France.

          Last one, if you are into the "shopping at Barney's scene" stop at Freds at Barneys for great pasta, salads and french fries. Pricey and you will need a reservation, but you will definitely spot a celeb or socialite if you are into that kind of thing.

          Happy b-day and enjoy your stay.