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Feb 6, 2007 02:19 PM

One night in Chicago

Help... just found out I will be in Chicago for one night (Monday, unfortunately) and want to have a great meal and "experience" the city. What would you all recommend? Also, I need to find a hotel hopefully under $200...

thanks in advance~

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  1. Many places are open on Mondays, including One Sixtyblue, NoMi, Seasons, and lots of others. Check out this topic which was asking for a recommendation for a Monday dinner and has a discussion of what's open:

    Sorry, but the Chowhound Team frowns on discussing non-food topics here (e.g. hotels). (However, I suggest trying Hotwire for hotel bargains, as long as you don't mind paying in advance with no cancellations.)

    1. consider Avec, you'll have more fun for less money and eat really well, reservations not taken, not sure about Mondays though.