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Feb 6, 2007 02:14 PM

Please explain Boston Pizza to me

OK, never been to one. Never had a desire. The name is weird, given that this is a Canadian company. I always assumed it was a pizza joint. Then I started seeing commercials and saw loads of non-pizza items.

What's the closest chain equivalent? Milestones? The Keg? Kelseys? Caseys?

Is there ever a reason for me to go eat at one?

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  1. Oh, I would say that you have absolutely no reason to go there! Unless your a 7 year old kid and want a different venue other than Chuck E Cheese for your next birthday!

    1. I actually think it's pretty decent for a chain (I've only had pizza there, however), but I rarely go there since there are much better non-chain local alternatives for pizza. So, if "all-better-non-chain-alternatives" happen to be closed, then I suppose that's a reason to go. Otherwise, I guess not.

      1. I like going to the one around here (in Tempe AZ) for late night eats since they're one of the only places open until 3 AM. The pizza is certainly edible, the appetizers are OK, don't dare touch anything else on the menu. People have tried other things, and they've been disappointed every time.

        1. Thanks, all. I guess that answers the question of "will I ever go there?". :)

          1. And it has nothing to do with pizza from Boston.

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