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Feb 6, 2007 01:59 PM

driving to the keys

i have friends flying into MIA, renting a car, and driving to key west. What are the best lunch and dinner places in the upper keys to stop on their way down?

also, what are the best places in key west for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. $$$ is not so much of an issue.

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  1. I haven't been personally, but for lunch in the upper keys I've heard good things about Alabama Jack's in "downtown" Card Sound. (I use the quotes because it's a toll plaza and some boat slips, not quite my idea of a "downtown.")

    Taking either the Turnpike or 95, when you get off at Florida City, before you get on that loooooong stretch of US 1, you'll see a Long John Silvers and some other fast food joints. There will be a sign to turn LEFT for Card Sound Road (marked with a hurricane evacuation route sign). Take Card Sound across the water and turn right (south). You'll see a toll booth (I think it's a dollar) and Alabama Jack's is right there. Seafood shack. Afterwards continue on Card Sound and it links back up with US 1 around John Pennekamp, so you'll still make it to the keys. :-)

    1. Previous posts have revealed a few dissatisfied diners, but we like to stop for lunch at Islamorda Fish Company (on the water, behind Bass Pro Shops/Worldwide Sportsman in Islamorada). In Key West, breakfast at Ricky's Blue Heaven (Thomas & Petronia streets) is a must. Haven't been to Louie's Backyard recently but we've had dinner there before and loved the setting and the food.

      1. Frodsenor, sure both of you have some good suggestions!

        1. I regretfully haven't done a keys trip in a long time, and for some reason can never remember the names of the places we stop at along the way! Alabama Jack's is definitely an experience but I don't recall much about the food, honestly.

          Had one very nice meal at Louie's Backyard a couple years ago. I remember there's a crepe place that we always liked for breakfast but the name is not coming back to me.

          1. did that drive about 3 years memory is faded. i remember some good meals at mangoes, bagatelle, 2 others i can't recall.

            as far as the bars: i enjoyed irish kevins and hog's breath