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Feb 6, 2007 01:14 PM

Calgary Ribs?

Looking for great ribs/Southern BBQ...
I've had recommendations for Big T's on Macleod Trail but also, has anyone tried Palomino Smokehouse downtown (109-7th Ave)?


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  1. Hey,

    I've been to both.

    Sadly, i find the Southern BBQ here in town to be quite lacking. Big T's and Palominos are both ok, but won't compare with anything you find in the Southern States. However, they are certainly edible. If i had to pick one, i'd probably pick Palomino's.

    I prefer the baby backs at Palomino, and the Dusty Rib ends at Big T's. Brisket is not good at either location. Smoked chicken is decent ok, and for some reason, i like the pulled pork . I also find the Big T's on Crowchild and 22(?) Avenue N to be better than the MacLeod location, even if they are owned by the same owner.

    Big T's is a little bit cheaper (maybe a couple of bucks per entree), and Palomino can get quite loud depending on when you go, but both are average BBQ, decent experiences.

    Hope that helps. If you have a hankering for real BBQ, my suggestion is there is a seat sale to Houston at 179 + taxes return. Rent a car, drive to Luling and Lockhart, and eat your self sick on the best Texas BBQ!

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    1. re: yen

      I agree: mediocre at best. At least Big T's lunches are quite reasonably priced so in the case of disappointment you won't feel like it was simply a direct flush down the toilet. And if you can't make it to Houston, like if you aren't a totally crazed CH ;) you can drive down to Seattle from VAncouver. There is some pretty decent BBQ there as well run by large black ladies who are always exclaiming that they wouldn't even bother frying up a chicken as scrawny as myself.

      1. re: alex8alot

        Are you calling me a totally crazed CH? :)
        That's the nicest thing someone has said in weeks!

    2. Lemme just say- having lived in Mobile Alabama for 2 years, mere blocks from Dreamland Barbecue:

      There is less of a gap between Calgary and US BBQ than there is between Calgary and US Mexican places. Not that this is saying much.

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      1. re: John Manzo

        LOL - John, that's like saying it isnt as far to Sydney as it is to Bombay. True, yes. However, both are still really really far!

        John does make a good point though. There really shouldnt be a reason why good BBQ would not work here - we have all the right raw materials. Mexican wise, i can understand why we will never have the same type of Mexican as California, Arizona, Texas. A lot of Mexican ingredients are sensitive to travel, very perishable, and the most important ingredient of all, the mexican cook, doesnt like the cold :)