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Feb 6, 2007 01:07 PM

Sprouts in Plano

Anybody shop there? I never see anything about it, but do see recommendations for Central Market and Whole Foods. Just curious if anybody has an opinion about the place.

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  1. I have been there, they are opening a new one on Preston in Frisco. they have very good bread, and great sausages. The produce is pretty good also, much better than at the usual grocery stores.

    1. Very poor merchandising, in my opinion. It seems crowded, disorganized and, for some reason, less than pristine (even when it was brand new). I've been in several times, have bought things a few times, and have always left thinking, "Why did I go there?"

      1. I am in a grocery store everyday for my job and I don't know why but Sprouts just isn't in my regular rotation. The times I have been there I have been impressed by their prices and they usually have everything I need except that one ingredient I have to have. There, I just answered my question of why I don't go there often. They just aren't large enough to have everything.

        Avoid going there on Wednesdays at all costs. Wednesdays is when they honor the sale prices from the previous week and the sale prices from the current week. All the socially-inept shop there on Wednesdays.

        1. There vegetation rules, I shop there all the time. They are simply 1/2 the price of Central and whole foods on a regular basis.

          That being said, I find myself purchasing more vegetation from Carnival or Fiesta lately again very nice produce for a much better price.