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Feb 6, 2007 12:53 PM

Las Vegas romantic dinning suggestions (for 2)...

Hi, I'm taking my G/F to Vegas this weekend for her birthday and wanted some input and suggestions for places to dine. We'll be there from Friday evening to Sunday. Friday night is covered (VooDoo Cafe & Lounge Restaurant atop The Rio, followed by a live performance by Prince at Club 3121.)

I was looking for a good lunch and dinner suggestions for Saturday and brunch on Sunday. Please, no buffets! We'll have a car and don't mind driving, so long as it's not too far. For lunch, Id like to keep it under $50-$60 (excluding drinks) and for dinner around $100-$150.00. Open to almost any cuisine but I'm not looking for greasy places or steak houses. Trying to cut down on red meat. It's her birthday so unique and romantic places are a plus!

Thanks so much!

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  1. you may want to take a look at recent posts - there was a strong negative review on the voodoo food - i've only been there for drinks, te views of the strip and other was good too !! another great view is mix at mandalay - personally, the food was underwelming.. that being list for fine food -

    off the strip

    todd's unique
    table 34
    LOS - lotus of siam

    on/near strip

    fleur de lys
    le cirque ( not sure if you can keep it under $150 )
    maybe bradley ogden
    michael mina's

    to name a few

    the off-strip do not have the "wow" factor, ambiance-wise, especially LOS, but rosemary's will impress you food-wise ...i'm sure.

    enjoy the weekend !!

    1. Are the prices you mentioned pp or for two? For two that is a tight budget for mid-upscale places in LV these days.

      kjs' list is not bad. For breakfast, try Verandah at the Four Seasons. Very pleasant atmosphere and very high breeding. Another off-strip place with great food and great value is Ventano's in Henderson. Also has a great view of the Strip in the distance.

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        for two people, sorry! I'm not set on the price. If the food is good enough, I don't mind paying more.

      2. great addition to the list - beautiful view...very good food !!

        1. I would recommend the original location of Andre's ( or Alize that is atop the Palms Hotel (

          1. Pamplemousse is my choice, Joe. It is small, intimate, and ROMANTICALLY RED :-) We have a second home in LV and have been to most of the spots previously mentioned. Rosemary's is absolutely outstanding in service and taste bud excitement, but lacks the 'bang' of the romance that Pamplemousse has. Both will cater to your culinary needs, but I still believe Pammplemousse exceeds. The menu is verbal, so don't be shy about asking the waiter to repeat what you may have missed the first time. The salad arrives in this very French style basket of veggies, allowing you to nibble on what you like, or make your own salad. They also have set course meals, thus leaving all the ordering nix. This leaves you and your love time to snuggle and eat w/o thinking about anything but enjoying what is delivered to you next. We took my son and his fiance' there last year to celebrate their engagement. It was the most romantic place I my husband and I have ever been in LV. We have been to more expensive places, more trendy places, more bizarre places even, but Pamplemousse was something very different and intimate. Lovely and again, very RED. Impress her by calling ahead and having a boquet of flowers delivered either ahead of time and placed in a vase, or while you are there. Just a thot. If you are going to give her a gift *jewelry* maybe, go ahead of time and ask your host to place it on her desert plate. Showy, but us females are suckers for those of you who are in love and 'think' ahead.

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              Wow, Pamplemousse sounds very good and right down our alley. I just made reservations for Friday night there and we'll go to either Nora's or Rosemary's on Saturday night. Thanks for the tip.

              Hey kjs, where is this reviews w/pics of Pamplemousse you mention? I searched on Chow and can't seem to find it. Thx!

              Not being too familiar with Vegas (other then the strip), how far do you think Pamplemousse is from The Rio?

              1. re: Joe

                I would say it's probably a 10-15 minute drive depending on the time and day of the week. There are ways to avoid the Strip traffic. Pick up a map or check out mapquest.

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                  joe - sorry about that - i screwed up - i did take pics but with my phone and i was unable to download is the does have pics of rosemary's...hope that helps !!