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Feb 6, 2007 12:41 PM

Brown Sugar: new parkdale bakery/deli

This place just opened up this past saturday in the same space as the infamous Blue Moon Bar that got shut down last year.

Small selection of good looking cheeses and deli meat, and its pretty inexpensive. Picked up two fresh rolls plus enough meat (a quite yummy hot mexican salami) for both for about $3. They have fresh cookies & some desserts, but since the place just opened, it looks a bit bare.

I wish them luck!

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  1. Yeah, got a sandwich from there, very disappointing. Two thin slices of turkey on a giant, dry bun, and a very limited selection of toppings and condiments. Bummed - I had high hopes for that place.

    1. I had hopes too. I walk past there everyday to work and haven't popped in yet because it looks like there's nothing inside except a coffee counter. Are they focusing on being a good deli, or a place that serves deli food? It would be great to have a deli in the neighbourhood with good cheeses and breads without having to walk down to Roncesvalles.

      1. Honestly, it's a little sparse in there, not a good deli by any stretch of the imagination (no dijon mustard? really?). Nor does it seem like a particularly good bakery, judging by the bun I had for my sandwich.

        I work a block away and all of us here in the office tried it the first week, that's how desperate we are for a deli sandwich spot. None of us are planning on going back. Not a great sign.

        1. Hey guys, for Parkdale they are not bad, and it is clean.
          I am not suggesting that anyone from out of the area bother.
          But they are new, and the baking is not bad at all, in fact some of their pastry (all homemade) is very good.
          Problems is lack of training.
          They have several breads for sandwiches now.
          They have purchased a scoop to give correct amt. of soft fillers, and understand that two thin slices of salami do not a sandwich make!
          We who work in the area need such a place.
          Don't be afraid to air your views as they are "green", and open to suggestion.
          Owners are very nice people.
          Tell them what changes you would like to see in their deli. mustard, etc.
          I spoke to the daughter yesterday, as I really want them to succeed in the food wasteland of Toronto where I work.
          Give them another chance or we may get another blue moon.

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          1. re: erly

            I understand that they are new and maybe they will evolve into something but I don't really want to have to give a place callling itself a deli the suggestion to "get some dijon mustard." If you're going to open a specialty operation, then be knowledgeable about what you are specializing in.

          2. Believe me, I want it to work, in the office here five days a week and sandwiches are pretty much my favourite thing in the world. I will give it one more try, I suppose, for the sake of encouraging a new business in the area, but then that'll be it.

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            1. re: childofthestorm

              They serve "seattle best" coffee and I gave it a try.
              Not bad. I dont beleive too many places sell that brand.
              The place was indeed a bit bare but the owner was nice.