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Feb 6, 2007 12:22 PM

12 Meals in Tampa/St. Petersburg

We are coming in for 4 days in Tampa/ St. Pete's area and am looking for suggestions for :
1/good seafood
2/ barbecue
3/cuban or other spanish
4/ ethnic
5/ fancy restaurant

Two people, with car; price not an object and extreme foodies. Good food, need not be fancy is fine. One day will be at Dali museum.

Many thanks.

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  1. Let's see:

    1. Seafood - I would choose either Ted Peters or Peninsula Seafood. While I realize these are not fancy, the seafood is good.

    2. Barbeque - I would suggest either First Choice Barbeque in Brandon or Jimbo's in Tampa.

    3. Cuban or other spanish - Arco Iris is my first choice for a casual place and the Columbia in Ybor City or Valencia Gardens in Tampa for fancier.

    4. Ethnic - China Yuan in North Tampa

    5. Fancy - Cafe Ponte in Clearwater or Mise En Place in Tampa.

    I am sure I will get shot for some of my choices but not guts, no glory.

    Hope you enjoy your stay.


    1. One of my favorite places to eat in Tampa is Pho Quyen which is on the corner of Hillsborough and Memorial. Start with the "make your own rolls" and then have a steaming bowl of pho. Pretty much anything on their menu is awesome. The servers are super friendly, the restaurant is clean. You'll be totally happy there and then when you get your check for $25.00 you'll be even more thrilled.

      1. If you're at the Dali museum, stop by the Old Key West Cafe next door for a sandwich and a beer. Very fresh, very delicious, and you can sit outside and enjoy the weather.

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          The Dali has moved ... new location is next to Albert Whitted. I think the Key WEst place was next to the "old" location. From the New, I would go to Ceviche on Central Ave.... enjoy a taste-travel through Spain!

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. Dockside Daves for the best grouper in the area...been very disapointed with quality of fish from Peninsula Seafood, Cafe Pointe is the best foody spot in the area, Salt rock Grill for great fish and steak with a active atmosphere ( make reservations)