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Feb 6, 2007 12:06 PM

Recommendations for early dinner in Walnut Creek?

Have a late appointment tomorrow afternoon in Walnut Creek...don't want to drive to Oakland till after rush hour.Any recommendations?Any new places recommended?

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  1. Vic Stewart's opens at 5:30 and has a happy hour and good steaks.

    1. What price range? Do you have any preferences? Here's a thread on a new Central American place:

      I've been back twice since my first post, and I still like it a lot. There's some very good Chinese: Shanghai Village and Dragon 2000 are a couple of favorites. Ephesus Kebab Lounge is very nice and has good Turkish cuisine. Breads of India is probably the best Indian. Lark Creek is a good solid place for Ogden cuisine. Prima has very good Italian and a great wine selection.

      1. il fornaio is always decent if its not to crowded. If you into that kind of food PF Changs is always an option, but you'll have to fight through the hundreds of others who seem to make this place their daily place to eat.

        1. For Chinese, I would go with Tin's Tea House. For Italian, drive the one exit on 24 to Lafayette, and eat at Postino.